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IVF and COVID-19

covid & Ivf

The world continues to wait for a cure for COVID19.
Meantime global lockdowns and restrictions continue.
Couples seeking IVF treatments have to put their dreams of having a baby on hold.
But somehow, amidst all these, hope remains.

“That’s what we want to send out there, hope. We will get through this. Plans may be put on hold now, but they can resume once all this is over,”
Dr. Berk Angün, Medical Director of Dunya IVF Clinic in Cyprus explains.

Naturally, we all have a lot of questions. The message needs to be sent that IVF clinics are still there. So the team at Dunya IVF have answers to some of the questions their patients often ask.

Q: Can I still have medical counselling or consultation?

A: Yes, we are here to support you during this difficult time. We have patient calls and Skype consultations. Simply email through our contact page or leave a message in Facebook Messenger.

Q: When can fertility treatments restart?

A: We will resume treatments as soon as we are permitted, quarantine is lifted and flights allowed. Updates will be posted on our website, newsletter and our social media pages. If you want us to notify you as soon as we reopen, let us know by sending us an email through our contact form or through Facebook Messenger.

Q: Are my stored eggs, embryo, sperms safe?

A: Yes, we have top-of-the-line cryopreservation facilities to keep them safe. We also implement strict measures to prevent viral intrusion into our clinic.

Q: What kind of food can help my body fight infection?

A: To boost your immune system, load your diet with fruits and vegetables. Choose those
rich in Vitamin C – orange, lemon, broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Q: I’m pregnant (Congrats!). What can I do to reduce risk of catching coronavirus?

A: The best thing to do is work from home. Avoid public places and social gatherings. And use telephone or online services to contact your GP. We are also on hand to answer any questions.

Dr. Berk stresses that treatments will resume the minute lockdowns and restrictions are lifted. Meantime, our staff remain ready to assist online. He wants to remind everyone to do all precautionary measures to keep safe.

Aside from constant hand-washing, disinfecting surfaces also helps prevent infection.
You can make your own disinfecting solution at home. Just mix one part bleach with five parts water. Wipe this mixture on surfaces such as tabletops, countertops, door handles and floors. Also spray this mixture on keys, bags and other items before entering your home.

He also wishes to share this wonderful insight from their patient Liza from Liverpool, UK.
Liza said,

“We were so preoccupied with trying to have a baby, that we forgot about being a couple. Ironically, staying home let us be a couple again! We cooked our favorite meals. We watched movies. We just enjoy each other’s company. Best of all, since I’m 4 months pregnant, Gregory treats me like a queen!”

You can also share your wonderful stories with the staff at Dunya IVF. They are eager to know! Stay Safe. Stay Home.


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