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North Cyprus IVF Checklist

If you’re thinking of having an IVF treatment in North Cyprus, you would need help on a lot of things. Firstly, you would need to choose the right clinic. Then you need to communicate with the North Cyprus IVF Clinic of your choice.

A lot that follows depends on the clinic’s specialist’s advice, but basic is to perform the required tests and submit the results to the clinic. After that, you would need to plan your trip. There are many questions that need answers regarding that too. So read on to get the guidance you need for a laid back and fulfilling North Cyprus IVF experience.

Choose a North Cyprus IVF Clinic

Having IVF treatment is very sensitive. It could get costly too. So you need to choose the best IVF clinic to get greater chances of success. So how do you know which clinic is the best for you? Here are some points to consider:

  • Is the IVF cost within your budget?
  • Does the clinic have excellent reviews?
  • Do they have state-of-the-art facilities?
  • Will a licensed IVF doctor attend to your needs?
  • Do they communicate well?
  • Is the clinic IVF licensed and ISO certified?

The most dependable source of reviews is a third party website such as the Global Clinic Rating that ranks IVF clinics worldwide. Dunya IVF Clinic is No.1 in Cyprus, No.7 in Europe and No.8 in the world. It has all the points listed above well covered, including cutting-edge technology with the EmbryoScope+®️, a high capacity time-lapse incubator, and the RI Witness, a fail-safe management system.

Contact your North Cyprus IVF Clinic

After you have chosen your clinic, contact them right away. You will also know if that clinic is good for you from the way they communicate. Do they respond fast? Do they speak your language? Can they answer your questions well?

Dunya IVF replies quickly either via chat on their website or through email. Its staff can speak in 8 languages: Turkish, English, French, German, Romanian, Italian, Russian and Arabic.

Do the fertility tests

You need to give them a clear picture of your condition.
That way they will know how to treat you.
The following test results must be brought to the clinic before treatment:

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For Female:

  • AMH
  • FSH
  • HbsAg
  • Anti Hbs
  • HIV
  • HCV
  • Rubella IgG
  • Rubella IgM
  • VDRL

For Male:

  • HbsAg
  • Anti Hbs
  • HIV
  • HCV
  • VDRL
  • Semen analysis

Plan your trip

Ask the clinic for the best day to fly to Cyprus. The date and number of days will depend on the type of IVF treatment you are having. Make sure you have a valid passport. You will need it to enter North Cyprus.

Be at the airport two hours before the departure time on the day of your flight. Bring a mobile phone that is roaming enabled. The best way is through Ercan airport (30 mins away) or Larnaca International Airport, which is 1.5 hours to Dunya IVF Clinic.

When you arrive in North Cyprus, you can easily get cheap prepaid lines that can be used both for domestic and international phone calls. Euros are accepted in most establishments there but it would be wise to have some exchanged for Turkish Lira.

You can minimize the stress you may experience during the treatment process in the comfort of our contracted five-star hotel and enjoy a holiday with the magnificent mountain and sea view of North Cyprus. Dunya IVF offers the following services:

  • Round – trip flight ticket for 2 people
  • Half-pension accommodation at a 5-star hotel for 2 people (including breakfast and dinner)
  • Welcoming at the airport and transportation to the hotel and our clinic.


Your North Cyprus IVF experience will be sweeter when you visit its attractions. Visit some castle ruins. The fresh air from the sea and on the mountains will refresh you. You will also love the food. So lay back and enjoy!


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