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Helen becomes mother after 25 years of IVF
Egg Donation
DR Berk Angün

After 25 Years of Heartache, a Couple Finally Meets Their Baby Girl

The journey towards creating a family started 25 years ago when Helen (53) and her partner were faced with the ambiguous term “unexplained infertility”. After trying to conceive with no success, they sought out fertility testing and were shocked to discover that everything appeared normal…

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Embryo Banking
Embryo Donation
DR Berk Angün

What is Embryo Banking?

Science is giving women more and more choices for family building. With recent advances in assisted reproductive technologies, women can now

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covid & Ivf
DR Berk Angün

IVF and COVID-19

The world continues to wait for a cure for COVID19. Meantime global lockdowns and restrictions continue and couples seeking IVF treatments have to put their dreams of having a baby on hold.

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