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Surrogacy in Cyprus

Surrogacy in Cyprus – An Overview

When we hear terms like surrogacy, we can often quite confused. So, what does it mean?

Is the transfer of embryos, fertilized in a lab setting.

This can take place with the couple’s egg and sperm cells, and also with a donor egg and/or donor sperm. It does not always have to be the own eggs and sperm of the couple to carry out surrogacy.

What is surrogacy?

Dunya IVF clinic explains what surrogacy is

Surrogacy is a process that, while confusing at first, can soon become much easier to understand as you learn more.

Part of what makes it such an essential and invaluable part of the fertility process, though, is that it can become the ‘final solution’ when other forms of IVF treatment do not work.

By using subrogation, you make it much easier to start moving forward with the process.

Success rates for surrogacy can be very impressive, especially in nations with good quality facilities such as Cyprus. However, it’s also down to the legislative platform of the country that determines how will be dealt with.

Also, is often described as being a choice of pregnancy for the vain.

However, is only recommended after failed attempts to conceive or carry a child in the first place.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the most effective solutions for those who wish to move forward with their desire to be a mother when other options have failed.

Surrogacy and Baby Genetics

Babies born with this method carry the genetics of their mother and father. That is to say that they are the biological mother and father of the baby.

Therefore, the baby will look like his/her mother and father genetically, not like his/her surrogate mother. Such questions over genetics rank among the most common misconceptions of surrogacy and won’t be something that you need to worry over.

This child will be your own in every way.

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Couples who undergo surrogacy treatment initially receive IVF treatment

This is a crucial part of the process and often plays a crucial role in making sure host surrogacy is a success during treatment.

Surrogate pregnancy takes a fair amount of time to become ready for, and it depends entirely on the condition of the three people involved: the mother, the father and the surrogate. 

Upon the beginning of your egg stimulation program, which starts on the 2nd or 3rd day of a female’s cycle which lasts for 10-12 days, oocyte picks up is conducted.

Fertilization of the eggs with the sperm then takes place. Progression of the embryos is monitored, and the embryos of the couple are transferred to the surrogate mother on the most appropriate day (usually at the blastocyst stage)

Can my sister or a relative be a surrogate mother?

Locating the ideal Surrogate mother

Some women provide surrogacy professionally in return for an agreement. If this is not preferred, then family members (sister and other relatives) or close friends could agree to help you.

This is a common choice when locating the ideal surrogate mother. Naturally, finding someone who you can trust and keep constant progress with is more reliable than working with a professional.

However, this is purely an emotional decision.

If you are looking for low-cost surrogacy, then it might make sense to work with a family member who may choose to help you out on emotional grounds rather than looking at the potential financial rewards.

Under what circumstances and why is surrogate used?

In which circumstances surrogacy will be considered

There are many reasons when surrogacy will be considered. Some of the most common options include:

  • Women who do not have a uterus by birth. 
  • Women who have their uterus removed as a requirement of a surgery (tumors, myomas, cancer etc.). 
  • To prevent repeated miscarriages. 
  • Women with Asherman’s syndrome (with a uterus but not suitable for pregnancy). 
  • In cases where pregnancy and birth pose a risk (women who have serious problems related to the heart and lungs, women with clotting disorders which can pose fatal risks). 
  • Women with natal anomalies.  

Can donation patients also use a surrogate mother?

Surrogacy with donor egs

This is a commonly asked question when it comes to finding the right option.

Surrogacy is not determined on previous treatments. As such, you will be pleased to know that both egg donation and sperm donation patients can also use this service if needed or desired.

Who can be a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother can come from many backgrounds, and deciding upon that background is very important. While anyone may choose to take part in a surrogate pregnancy, the most common profiles include:

  • Young and healthy women. 
  • Women who do not have any contagious diseases. 
  • Women who don’t smoke, consume alcohol or have any drug additions. 
  • Women who have previous pregnancies resulting in healthy births. 
  • Women who do not have pregnancy-related diabetes or pre-eclampsia in their previous pregnancies. 
  • Women who are suitable for surrogacy socially and psychologically. 
  • Women who don’t have chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure etc.). 
  • Women who are not anorexic or obese (BMI index, i.e. body mass index being in a healthy range).

How is a surrogate mother prepared?

The preparation for a surrogate pregnancy is quite a specific and extensive process.

However, it’s nowhere near as tricky as it may first appear. 

Specialists conduct a gynecological examination, relevant blood tests and also check the psychological condition of the surrogate mother candidate to assess her suitability for pregnancy.

Surrogate mother’s treatment is planned with her cycle preparing her uterus for pregnancy. In this treatment process, ultrasound scans are carried out at regular intervals, and embryo transfer takes place once the uterus is ready.

If there are any frozen embryos, then these embryos are transferred. If there are no frozen embryos, then the IVF treatment of the couple is synchronized with the inter uterus preparation of the surrogate mother and embryos which are fertilized in a laboratory setting are transferred fresh to the surrogate mother on the appropriate day.

How to find a surrogate

One of the best ways to help find a surrogate for your needs is to work with an IVF treatment facility. Choosing the right professionals will always make it easier, and an IVF clinic can help point you in the right direction.

Usually, they have access to both the means and the methods to make the whole process easier to follow along with. If you want to find someone you can trust, then IVF clinics will only offer you access to professionals who play by the rules.

For example, a common surrogacy misconception is that the surrogate can renege on the deal and keep the child for themselves. 

Put bluntly; this is not the case at all. 

When you enter into a surrogacy agreement, then you will be putting in place an ethical agreement between all parties to make sure the result is agreed upon: the safe, healthy delivery of a child that could not be conceived by the natural parents in normal circumstances.

Surrogacy in Cyprus

Surrogacy and laws in Cyprus - DunyaIVF Fertility Clinic

Unlike other nations, surrogacy in Cyprus is much more lenient and liberal with how it is laid out. For example, Cyprus regulation allows embryo transfer to a surrogate if the female intended parent has a medical reason – as such, clinics can carry out embryo transfer from the intended parents to the surrogate mother without any legal challenges.

With the right IVF treatment facility in Cyprus, though, you can make sure that there is a definitive agreement put in place. This will make sure that all parties are happy with the terms, the treatment options and the costs associated.

There are many reasons why choosing surrogacy in Cyprus – as well as other forms of treatment such as embryo transfer and egg donation – is so popular. These include:

  • For one, Cyprus is one of the most affordable places to carry out IVF treatments – including surrogacy. It helps to make sure you can keep the costs down while working towards making your dreams come true. 
  • Cyprus is a nation with extremely high living standards and affordable living costs. This means taking the trip here to undergo your treatment is worthwhile. It allows you to enjoy the experience more, reducing stress levels. 
  • Like many island nations, Cyprus is home to fantastic weather all year round. Even arriving in the winter, you can enjoy a wholly suitable experience just due to the climate that makes it much easier to relax and enjoy the process. 
  • Cypriot surrogacy success rates are very high, as are all IVF success rates in Cyprus. The quality of treatment mixed with the ease of legislation means you can enjoy a tremendous quality of therapy without any worries.

Why Choose Dunya IVF for your Surrogate treatment?

Dunya IVF Fertility Clinic in Cyprus

For one, Dunya IVF rates among the best English speaking IVF clinics in Europe. Our quality and reputation should help you to feel comfortable working with our team, but also knowing that you are working with ethical professionals.

We understand that the process can feel very daunting, and this is why we make sure that you can enjoy a better experience by making everything clear. Some of the reasons why people come to our North Cyprus clinic include:

  • We enjoy incredibly high success rates. Part of what makes us one of the best IVF clinics in Europe is that we promise and deliver on high success rates, making sure every patient enjoys high-class treatment, whether it’s for sperm donation, egg donation or anything else you need to take on. 
  • We make use of state of the art technology. For all the quality of our specialists and our team, we make sure we back our specialist knowledge up with top quality hardware. This allows us to make sure the job is done to the correct standard every time without fail. 
  • Dunya IVF is proud to say that we are fully ISO 9001:2008 certified. This allows us to know that we are entirely safe to use, with the best quality of management provided during every part of the process. If you have any questions, we can make sure you receive clear answers. 
  • Also, we have a team of proven specialists. Whether you need help with day-to-day assistance on your surrogacy or you want to get the most affordable treatment without taking a risk, our team of experts is proven to know what they are doing when it comes to the rewarding experience which is IVF treatment.

We believe that we do the best job representing you and delivering on your own personal and professional needs. Nothing matters more to us than quality or consistency, which is why we deliver top quality IVF treatments at affordable prices, without ever lowering service quality.

How much does a surrogate cost?

Like any kind of process related to birth, the cost of surrogacy follows the same vein as many IVF treatment costs. Costs start at just €5,000 if the couple already has a surrogate. This is a fantastic starting price, especially when compared with the price in other countries.  

– This will help you better understand the price, and what kind of payments you might need to make if you wish to make surrogacy a success.

With Dunya IVF, you are working with trusted experts who can help you to arrange everything from flights and accommodation to medication costs, the arrangement of testing and scans and all-around preparation to find the right surrogate for you.

These costs, then, will make it easy for you to find low-cost surrogacy that you can afford. With nothing held back and everything provided with value in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people are invested in surrogacy.

With Dunya IVF, too, you can make sure your surrogacy experience is as likely as is possible to be a wholesome success.

Make the right decision today

Of course, is always a personal process, and each person might find different challenges emerge.

For that reason, it’s important that you work with professionals who you can trust.

With Dunya IVF, you can make the path to surrogacy much easier to understand. By making sure that you always understand the steps to come, we can make the process as successful as it can be.

Contact us today, and we can closely evaluate how we can best help you utilize surrogacy to fulfill your dreams of being a parent.

Surrogacy in Cyprus FAQ


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Great clinic, all the Staff puts a huge effort so that you will feel comfortable and informed. My wife felt very good here. Recommend!
- Mahmood Safir
It is the first time I am experiencing a moment where a ‘thank you’ just feels not enough. First of all thanks to Dr. Berk, nurses Nazlı, Melike and Aynur along with Mustafa, Murat and all the others who I don’t know their names – you are a team made up of angels. I have never seen a team so warm, attentive and successful before – all of you were just wonderful. I am really grateful to you all. I will never be able to thank you enough, however I wanted you to know that you will always be in my prayers. You made my wife and I extremely happy. With all my love and respect…
- Mehmet Arslan
Cyprus Dunya IVF Clinic doesn't throw words around.. They have done everything they promised! You can trust them! There you can find a wonderful atmosphere, helpful and friendly staff. Also there is a good service and attitude towards patients, and smart doctors. I recommend it, you won't regret it! Of course in terms of achieving your goal (to have babies) an individual approach applies, as they are not God, but they will do their best and everything necessary to make happy all couples that dream to have babies! They made us happy and, thank God, we are 3 months pregnant now...:)))) Thank you so much to all employees of Cyprus Dunya IVF Clinic!!!
- Arek Kharlamov

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