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Couples from Turkey and abroad who look for IVF clinics in Cyprus, tend to compare particularly the success rates of the respective clinics before making their decision. Success rates are very much dependent on whether female patient’s own​ ​eggs are​ ​used given in addition to traditional IVF, IVF with donor eggs is available in Cyprus. Therefore, it is critical to know whether female patient’s own eggs or donor eggs are used when looking at these success rates. 

In egg and embryo donation, as eggs of young and fertile women are used, whose fertility is proven, success rates are higher compared to treatments where woman’s own eggs are used. Hence that's why success rates are higher in Cyprus compared to Turkey where donation is not possible.

Critical factors determining success rates in IVF treatment’s where female patient’s own eggs are used is the age and fertility history of the female. 


2018-2019 success rates for IVF, egg donation and PGD for Dunya IVF Clinic in Cyprus are as follows:


Age of Female Patient Egg Donation Embryo Donation Sperm Donation IVF PGD Egg Donation and PGD
20-29 82% 83% 59% 56% 51% 80%
30-34 81% 83% 54% 51% 47% 80%
35-39 81% 82% 47% 45% 43% 79%
40+ 80% 82% 19% 14% 11% 78%


Success rates given in the table above are based on whether pregnancy is achieved, which is checked through the beta-hCG levels in the blood, 11 days after embryo transfer. These success rates are not for live births. Live birth success rates are on average 10-15% lower than the rates given above. 

Cyprus IVF Success Rates FAQ

Our fertility clinic consistently achieves over 80% pregnancy rate for our egg donation patients for all age groups on first trial.

Our fertility clinic consistently achieves over 80% pregnancy rate for our embryo donation patients for all age groups.

Success rates for IVF/ICSI and gender selection vary based on couples’ fertility and age but can be as high as 60%.

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