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Helping someone become a parent is one of the most fulfilling tasks in our medical profession.
The biggest reward is the happiness that we bring to our patients. We feel honoured that some of them took their valuable time to write about the experience they had with Dunya IVF

We arrived in Cyprus in june 2016 and the clinic’s driver picked us from the airport and then to malpas hotel where the patient coordinator Besma welcomed us. She has put a huge effort to provide us with comfort and she had answered all of our questions accurately even in weekends, I would like to give many thanks to her. The next day we had an appointment in the clinic and process started, it is a very good clinic, Dr Berk is a great doctor and they are a great team, they were so accurate and careful during and before the treatment, our treatment was successful thanks God and thank you Dunya IVF and I truly recommend this clinic.
Hewa Azad
Great clinic, all the Staff puts a huge effort so that you will feel comfortable and informed. My wife felt very good here. Recommend!
Mahmood Safir
The clinic was very professional and treated us as individuals and tailored the treatment to our needs. Dr Berk and Ozgu (who manages the clinic) speak excellent English and respond to emails swiftly and are both very personable when you meet them. One of the nurse did not speak English but they had another person there to translate for us. Thoroughly recommend the clinic. They have linked up with the Malpas hotel which works exceptionally well, they pick you up from the airport and take you to all your appointments. Ensuring you are as relaxed as you can be when having treatment.
Emily Dickinson
It is the first time I am experiencing a moment where a ‘thank you’ just feels not enough. First of all thanks to Dr. Berk, nurses Nazlı, Melike and Aynur along with Mustafa, Murat and all the others who I don’t know their names – you are a team made up of angels. I have never seen a team so warm, attentive and successful before – all of you were just wonderful. I am really grateful to you all. I will never be able to thank you enough, however I wanted you to know that you will always be in my prayers. You made my wife and I extremely happy. With all my love and respect…
Mehmet Arslan
I had egg donation treatment at this clinic and the whole team was excellent. As soon as I applied, I had a patient coordinator answering all my questions even in the weekends! The value for money you get is incredible at Dunya IVF. Doctor Berk and all the team are wonderful. We had a great experience at this clinic and truly recommend it.
Ashley Johnson
Very comfortable and pleasant atmosphere! Dr. Berk is a great doctor who listens to the patients and takes care of them with great attention. Oocyte donation wasn’t an easy decision for us, but thanks to Dunya IVF clinic we are very pleased with professional and personable treatment. Thank you, Dr. Berk and all Dunya IVF clinic team for the great experience and quality work that you have done for us to become a family.
Kim Dowson
Very good clinic, super doctor took good care of me. Clinic is very nice and IVF was successful. Dunya Clinic is amazing I recommend!
Tinka Cole
Cyprus Dunya IVF Clinic doesn't throw words around.. They have done everything they promised! You can trust them! There you can find a wonderful atmosphere, helpful and friendly staff. Also there is a good service and attitude towards patients, and smart doctors. I recommend it, you won't regret it! Of course in terms of achieving your goal (to have babies) an individual approach applies, as they are not God, but they will do their best and everything necessary to make happy all couples that dream to have babies! They made us happy and, thank God, we are 3 months pregnant now...:)))) Thank you so much to all employees of Cyprus Dunya IVF Clinic!!!
Arek Kharlamov
I suffered from unexplained infertility and the doctor said that IVF with egg donation is the best option for me. I live with my husband in Australia but we have a family in Cyprus and they said that it is a great place for IVF with egg donation. I felt like I have no other choice, that this is my last chance for having a kid, my husband also wanted a child very badly. So we went to Cyprus on a treatment/holidays. I was very scared. My first consultation in Dunya was a huge relief. I remember thinking "this is the right place to be". The doctor was very strict with me and didn't tell me fairly tales but he was very polite at the same time. He took me step by step through the treatment and I always knew what will happen with me and what comes next. IT is hard to comprehend how I feel know, I just can't believe my luck. The treatment was a success and we have a gorgeous daughter now and I would only want to wish such luck upon everyone who also want a baby! Thank you Dunya for making us a family we always wanted to be.
Liz Farra
After 15 years of soooo many treatments in 4 countries (Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Cyprus) I am first time in my life pregnant. I am so happy and thankful that I found Dünya IVF before I gave up forever.
Chaput Tanja Jäggi
We had egg donation treatment in Cyprus and all went well so far! My eggs weren't any good due to my age of 45 I think, so instead of any more IVF we decided along with the Drs to go for egg transfer. We had 3 eggs implanted from a possible 8 good embryos and had the rest frozen. There were no hidden costs at all, just 5000 euros for the whole procedure and then 500 euros for freezing the embryos for a year with a choice of 250 euros a year from then onwards for as long as we like. You get to know the age and nationality and basic things like hair colour, education,but nothing else. But to be honest it's better not to know too much. That way the embryos feel like your own from the start. I didn't know how I would feel about a donors eggs, but I am excited and protective now since they have been transferred! They really do feel like they are mine anyway, plus they are fertilised by my husband anyway. The procedure was all straight forward and the Drs all very nice. They always had an interpreter with us. A very good experience all round. The clinic was just great, much to our relief! Everyone was friendly and helpful and was all professional. We had an English interpreter with us at all times from the clinic who was a lovely girl and any questions were answered fully, no matter how silly you think they are to ask! Communication via email, viber, phone was fantastic and answers received straight away. Couldn't have hoped for more caring and friendly people in what could have been a very stressful time. Thank you Dunya clinic, would recommend this clinic to anybody. Plus it is in the most beautiful part of Northern Cyprus to relax you further!
Sarah Cozby
It is my pleasure to write a recommendation to Dunya IVF Clinic. I received a warm, kind, patient and professional treatment. I live abroad and the medical coordinator escorted me through the process in the most thorough and gracious manner, explaining and elaborating in every step of the way. When I arrived to Dunya Clinic the medical staff was so professional and kind in such delicate process. I had an embryo thaw and transfer and the process was successful. In addition, the facility was hygienic and clean and all my needs were taken care of. I deeply thank all of Dunya clinic staff and warmly recommend to be treated at that facility!
Danielle Ashcroft
Dr Berk is the most noble Doctor I ever met in my life! The whole team is wonderful. I now have the world’s sweetest son! I recommend Dünya IVF for those who want to become pregnant from first trial!
Esra Münir
First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Berk, our patient coordinator Tuğçe who helped us from the beginning to the end, our nurse Nazlı Çatak and the whole team. All are so nice that its not possible to put in words. I really appreciate them and thank them infinitely for their presence. Thanks Dünya IVF!
Muzaffer Bolat