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Cyprus IVF Treatment Costs

Various IVF treatments offered at our clinic are listed below with their prices. Each treatment is unique and requires its own treatment protocol. Therefore, the list below is only provided as a guideline. We strongly recommend you visit our Why us section and to get in touch with our clinic for accurate pricing for your specific treatment needs.


Costs of each IVF Treatment

IVF Cost

3,000 Euros (Microinjection – ICSI method is used)

Egg Donation Cost

5,500 Euros

Sperm Donation Cost

4,500 Euros (Imported from sperm banks)

Embryo Donation Cost

6,500 Euros (Imported from sperm banks)

Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis Cost

6,000 Euros (Chromosomes screened: 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, X and Y)

Price includes IVF treatment

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Cost

5,500 Euros + 300 Euro/embryo tested (Complete Human Chromosome set screened)

Price includes IVF treatment. 400 Euro/embryo after 10th embryo.

Embryo Cryo Cost

500 Euro including vitrification & 1 year storage.
250 Euro/year afterwards

Cryo Embryo Transfer

1,500 Euro

Why IVF Treatment Cost is Different in Each Place?

IVF treatment costs can be different at different clinics. The price changes from one clinic to another, because of the differences between their applications. Clinic’s service, quality and technology used in its laboratory are the main factors for the differentiation of the price. This means that every clinic uses different types of equipment with different quality standards.

Other costs to consider

Flights and Accommodation

Typically the stay in Cyprus will be for 5 days but can vary from 2-8 days depending on the treatment. We can help you arrange for hotel accommodation and airport transfers. For a double hotel room, the costs are 80-110 Euros/night depending on the hotel class and season of travel.


For IVF with ICSI, Sperm Donation and PGD – Gender selection there is stimulation medication that will be purchased by the patients at a pharmacy in the country of residence. The cost could be up to 1,250 Euros. The medication costs for embryo and egg donation are negligible.

Blood tests and ultrasound scans

There will be several blood tests and ultrasound scans required during the course of the treatment.


Cyprus IVF Treatment Costs FAQ


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Dunya IVF’s team of experts will be happy to inform you regarding all fertility treatment options available, and recommend the optimal way forward for your specific circumstances. Contact us today and let us help you make the dream of parenthood a reality!

A few words from happy parents

The clinic was very professional and treated us as individuals and tailored the treatment to our needs. Dr Berk and Ozgu (who manages the clinic) speak excellent English and respond to emails swiftly and are both very personable when you meet them. One of the nurse did not speak English but they had another person there to translate for us. Thoroughly recommend the clinic. They have linked up with the Malpas hotel which works exceptionally well, they pick you up from the airport and take you to all your appointments. Ensuring you are as relaxed as you can be when having treatment.
- Emily Dickinson
I had egg donation treatment at this clinic and the whole team was excellent. As soon as I applied, I had a patient coordinator answering all my questions even in the weekends! What was great was that we also had the chance to choose the gender of the embryos transferred! Great since my partner wanted a son! The value for money you get is incredible at Dunya IVF. Doctor Berk and all the team are wonderful. We had a great experience at this clinic and truly recommend it.
- Ashley Johnson
Dr Berk is the most noble Doctor I ever met in my life! The whole team is wonderful. I now have the world’s sweetest son! I recommend Dünya IVF for those who want to become pregnant from first trial!
- Esra Münir

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