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Embryo Cryopreservation

What is Embryo Cryo

Following the completion of the embryo transfer process, remaining embryos that have the required quality can be frozen with the vitrification technique after getting the approval of the couple at our clinic. Therefore, later on frozen embryos can be transferred without re-stimulating the ovaries after going through the thawing process. Very successful results can be obtained with the vitrification technique.



Compared with the slow or classical freezing techniques, Embryo Cryo has minimal impact on embryos like egg cryopreservation and hence results in pregnancy rates similar to fresh embryo transfers.

Who can benefit from Embryo Cryo program?

  • Patients who have additional embryos of sufficient quality, following embryo transfer during IVF.
  • Patients with the risk of hyper stimulation during the IVF treatments (in cases where the ovaries over-react)…
  • Patients who plan the transfer at a future date due to personal reasons (i.e. patients who have to receive cancer treatment). In such cases, transfer can be successfully performed at a convenient time by thawing the frozen embryos from Embryo Cryo.

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Embryo Cryopreservation FAQ


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A few words from happy parents

I had egg donation treatment at this clinic and the whole team was excellent. As soon as I applied, I had a patient coordinator answering all my questions even in the weekends! What was great was that we also had the chance to choose the gender of the embryos transferred! Great since my partner wanted a son! The value for money you get is incredible at Dunya IVF. Doctor Berk and all the team are wonderful. We had a great experience at this clinic and truly recommend it.
- Ashley Johnson
It is my pleasure to write a recommendation to Dunya IVF Clinic. I received a warm, kind, patient and professional treatment. I live abroad and the medical coordinator escorted me through the process in the most thorough and gracious manner, explaining and elaborating in every step of the way. When I arrived to Dunya Clinic the medical staff was so professional and kind in such delicate process. I had an embryo thaw and transfer and the process was successful. In addition, the facility was hygienic and clean and all my needs were taken care of. I deeply thank all of Dunya clinic staff and warmly recommend to be treated at that facility!
- Danielle Ashcroft
Dr Berk is the most noble Doctor I ever met in my life! The whole team is wonderful. I now have the world’s sweetest son! I recommend Dünya IVF for those who want to become pregnant from first trial!
- Esra Münir

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