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Egg Donation in Cyprus

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation treatment is the enablement of pregnancy with the use of the eggs obtained through a donation in situations where pregnancy with own eggs is not possible. With regards to egg donation, Cyprus is rated as one of the best places in Europe to visit.

If you aren’t too familiar with the concept of how this treatment works, we’ve put together a useful guide for you.

Simply take a look at this article, and at the end is going to help you feel more comfortable about moving forward with a donation, armed with the answers to those most pertinent questions.

Why should I choose Egg Donation in Cyprus?

While many nations provide IVF with egg donation services across Europe, North Cyprus has many more opportunities to make the experience more comfortable.

As you read on, you’ll see why many people choose this particular part of Europe as their ivf treatment choice.

As a tranquil and peaceful location by its very nature, North Cyprus makes the perfect place to find the harmony needed for the best results. By spending time in the warm climate of Cyprus and free from the usual constraints, you’ll see that egg donation treatment works better here due to the variety of options you have regarding ways to relax and get yourself in the right frame of mind for the egg donation process.

Why Choose Dunya IVF for Egg Donation?

As trusted experts with many years of experience in egg donation, we make it easy for you to relax, feel comfortable and settle into the whole experience.

We preach and practice the power of safety and accuracy when carrying out IVF treatment, all without making it an inaccessible method of conception from a financial standpoint.

We have consistent success rates, modern facilities and experienced professionals who follow the safest routes to egg donation.

With fertility rates falling across Europe, natural conception is becoming a more challenging process. Indeed, IVF treatment is now commonly used by over 50 nations to help combat lower fertility rates. With Dunya IVF center in North Cyprus, you work with a team of professionals who know what to look out for – and why.

Add in the fact that our costs are affordably priced, and this makes it much easier for people to come from the likes of the United Kingdom, Europe and further afield to undergo safe, secure and affordable treatment.

With no wait lists and no need to disclose who the donor is, too, you can get things moving faster and make sure that the necessary privacy is kept secure for all who take part in the process as a whole. You can discover even more benefits of our clinic, by reading this article.

DunyaIVF ranks among the top fertility clinics in the world, with higher than average success rates, supplying ISO 9001 standard services, modern facilities and experienced professionals who follow the safest routes.

Who can benefit from Egg Donation in Cyprus?

  • Females who have no ovaries.
  • Females with premature ovarian failure.
  • Women who are recommended to benefit from the oocyte donation due to genetic problems.
  • Women with damaged ovaries because of radiotherapy, chemotherapy due to reasons like cancer.
  • Older females who went through menopause.

Another part of the reason why people choose to carry out North Cyprus based egg donation treatment is that there is the opportunity to be anonymous with regards to the donor.

How does that work?

Source of the donated Eggs

Known or Anonymous Donors can be chosen in the egg donation programs. Knowing the source can help to provide you with some much-needed clarity, as anonymity is often a sticking point for those who wish to take part. Every country has different rules regarding egg donation. Anonymity is required as per regulation in our country.

Known Donor

A female who wants to receive eggs from a known donor should find a donor at the age of 21-30, with no medical or genetic problems. In egg transplant screening tests that will be applied to the known donor for contagious diseases are the same for all the donors, and they are standardized according to the guidelines of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and American Fertility Medical Association.

Anonymous Donor

In gamete donation when the egg donors are anonymous, identities of both the donor and the receiver are kept secret. In Cyprus, egg donation program starts firstly with the physical, psychological evaluations of the females who applied to the program. In the screening tests that are appropriate for ESHRE and ASRM criterion, it is detected that they have no medical, genetic problems and don’t have contagious diseases. The donors to be accepted for the egg donor program need to be between 21 and 30 years old and healthy in every aspect.

With egg donation in North Cyprus, there is ample opportunity to work with an Anonymous Donor.

Informing the Receiver Couple

Information regarding the medical procedure of egg transplant should be given, and the questions of the couple participating in the program should be answered in a clear and correct way by their doctor.

Before the procedure can go ahead the signed approval of the couple should be received regarding the fact that they accept the process.

Follow-up of the Couples who have decided to carry out the Oocyte Donation

Following the examination and tests completed by your doctor, microinjection and embryo transfer phases will be commenced in the pre-determined period that your doctor will inform you about before moving forward.

Physical characteristics of the egg donor such as skin color, eye color, hair color and body structure are chosen in a way that they shall be similar to those of receiver couple as far as possible. Additionally, ethnic origin, blood group, and other physical characteristics are matched similarly as far as possible.

Results of the Treatment

At present, excellent pregnancy rates are obtained thanks to IVF treatments with egg or embryo donation; these rates are higher than the pregnancy rates obtained with the couples’ eggs and sperms. The reason for this is thought to be the young age of the egg donor and producing higher quality donor eggs when compared to the infertile patients.

Also, endometrium of the receiver is not exposed to the hyperstimulation and can be more appropriate for the implantation. In this application, approximately 75% pregnancy rate can be achieved. If you have more questions on this topic, our Cyprus based team of experts is here to assist you. Just send a form request and we will reply in all your questions, within the same day (most likely)! 

Egg Donation Stage 1
Egg Donation Stage 2
Egg Donation Stage 3
Egg Donation Stage 4
Egg Donation Stage 5
Egg Donation Stage 6

Stages of the Egg Donation Process

  • Stage 1: Egg Donor Matching
    The couple interested in the ivf treatment is matched with the most appropriate anonymous egg donor based on physical characteristics. The clinic’s medical team performs this.  
  • Stage 2: Egg Donor Preparation
    The egg donor goes through ovarian stimulation and is synchronized with the receiver’s cycle.  
  • Stage 3: Recipient Preparation
    The endometrium of the recipient is prepared for embryo implantation via medication. Some recent blood tests may requested.
  • Stage 4: Oocyte Pick-Up (OPU) from the Egg Donor
    When the egg donor is ready for OPU, the egg retrieval is carried out and a screening process is taking place.  
  • Stage 5: Fertilization and Embryo Transfer
    The collected eggs are fertilized with sperm, and the best embryos are transferred back to the recipient going through egg transplant. Any excess embryos can be frozen for future use. The egg donation cycles is completed here. 
  • Stage 6: Pregnancy Test
    The recipient going through the treatment is tested for pregnancy usually 11 days after embryo transfer.

Egg Donation Success Rates in Cyprus

One of the crucial parts of any treatment process is knowing there is a high chance of success. Well, egg donation success rates in North Cyprus are very high. IVF treatments success rates are improving all the time, but what kind of rates could you potentially look out for?

Typically, women aged 20-29 can enjoy egg donation success rates of 82%. At ages 30-34, success rates are still as high as 81%.

Even those aged 40+ can still enjoy a hugely impressive 80% success rate when it comes to IVF treatments with egg donors. For those aged 40+, success rate moves from a mere 11% to 80% when the treatment is used compared to using own eggs.

That can make a big impact on the decision you make. With higher success rates when it comes to egg donation, North Cyprus IVF centers often are the go-to choice due to the high standard and consistency of success rates.

With these statistics, you can soon see why so many people turn to Cyprus as their go-to destination.

Egg Donation Costs in Cyprus

As mentioned before, Cypriot services costs are significantly lower than you might assume.

At DunyaIVF, though, our egg donation treatments in Cyprus costs are just €6,000.

You can check out our other IVF treatment costs to help better understand the kind of price margin you would pay relative to what you would expect elsewhere. These prices allow for you to get the process moving forward at a cost that you can fully afford to pay.

For that reason, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to turn for treatment in North Cyprus IVF centers. Affordable, safe, secure and with a variety of options to suit any circumstance, this makes the previous challenge much easier to adapt towards as you progress in the treatment.

Next Steps

If you have been looking around Europe to try and find the right place to undergo donation, then Cyprus might be your ideal choice. With such a fine range of options to pick from, including Dunya IVF, you can make sure that any concerns you have are allayed long before you take part in the process starting today.

Why hold back?

You deserve the best quality of treatment.

At Dunya IVF, we do so while providing the best egg donation experience in Cyprus

Egg Donation in Cyprus FAQ

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I had egg donation treatment at this clinic and the whole team was excellent. As soon as I applied, I had a patient coordinator answering all my questions even in the weekends!
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The value for money you get is incredible at Dunya IVF. Doctor Berk and all the team are wonderful. We had a great experience at this clinic and truly recommend it.
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Very comfortable and pleasant atmosphere! Dr. Berk is a great doctor who listens to the patients and takes care of them with great attention.
Oocyte donation wasn’t an easy decision for us, but thanks to Dunya IVF clinic we are very pleased with professional and personable treatment.
Thank you, Dr. Berk and all Dunya IVF clinic team for the great experience and quality work that you have done for us to become a family.
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After 15 years of soooo many treatments in 4 countries (Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Cyprus) I am first time in my life pregnant. I am so happy and thankful that I found Dünya IVF before I gave up forever.
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