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Sperm Donation in Cyprus

All you need to know about sperm donation in Cyprus

When it comes to dealing with the topic of sperm donation, it can be hard to know where to start correctly. With so much to think about and try to learn, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. From wanting to know how the process works to what the sperm donation price is, learning about the process itself can be quite a complicated process. In this article, we’ll break down some critical considerations for you, such as:
  • The process of sperm bank donation
  • The method and procedure likely to be used
  • How to donate sperm in the first place
  • What causes low sperm count
  • The potential challenges you might face along the way
So, if this is something you want to look into and discover, now is the time.

What is sperm donation, exactly?

Sperm donation is a process used when pregnancy is not achievable with the male sperm of the partner. If you want to have a child with your partner, your partner might not be able to produce the right conditions for sperm to be delivered. Many reasons for this can exist. For example, your partner might not be able to provide you with the sperm needed, or there might be a medical reason – such as low sperm count or even azoospermia – that might cause the problem in the first place. Such treatment is often considered as the easiest alternative. You will either need a sperm donor or pick from a sperm bank. We will discuss this more as the article continues.

Why consider sperm donation?

The reasons to consider going for something like sperm donation can be quite complex and abstract. The reasons can be anything from a physical injury to a non-physical reason for being unable to produce sperm. This might mean that if you are unable to conceive a child normally with your partner, then sperm bank donation treatment could be needed.

What are the causes of low sperm count?

Causes of low sperm count
Sadly, there is no one proven answer — the reasons why will change with the person in question. The reason for your low sperm count may be in total contrast to someone else.
The causes of low sperm count, though, could come from all manner of issues, such as:
  • Medical problems such as Varicocele, obstructive azoospermia, and non-obstructive azoospermia.
  • Problems with ejaculation such as retrograde ejaculation, an infection or a reaction to antibodies which attack your sperm.
  • Tumors and other medical problems of a physical condition, including bodily harm or even testicles which have not fully descended.
  • Hormonal problems or chromosome defects.
  • Problems such as tubular defects which limits the ability to safely transport sperm.
Various medical problems exist which might make it hard for you to manage a low sperm count. You can read more about what lowers sperm count here.

What is the process of sperm donation?

The process of Sperm Donation The sperm donation process can, at first, seem a little confusing and unclear. If you feel like this, then you can read on to get a clearer idea of what this process might require. At Dunya IVF, we do everything we can to make sure that you are 100% ready and prepared for the sperm donation process. The process itself will require a lot of personal adjustment, as everyone is different and will have their challenges to overcome. However, regardless of what changes to the process take place, the following stages will always be clear. This should help you to quickly get used to the process. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the standard stages involved in any sperm donation process.

What are the stages of the sperm donation process?

To start with, we will begin with a process of close-up evaluation of everything that you might need. First off, the female involved will undergo an ultrasound evaluation to closely understand the condition of her own body. Once this test is completed and we are all happy with the results, we would move on to the next stage of the sperm donation process. Next, we will begin a course of strenuous but necessary hormone tests. This will help us to determine if the hormonal qualities exist to help give birth in the first place. We will also make sure that significant screening takes place to make sure nothing has been missed in our evaluation of your suitability to undergo treatment. Once we are happy with this part of the process, we will arrange a follow-up consultation. In these meetings, we will start using oocyte development follow-up programs using ultrasound and hormonal testing programs. If the female oocytes are not suitable for use, then we would need to consider moving from sperm donation to embryo donation instead. However, please be aware that we will closely consult with you on this part of the process. If we find that the female oocytes are suitable for use, though, then we can begin to move forward with the sperm donation process. This is essential if we wish to move forward, as the process only works with oocytes which can handle the process in full.

How is Sperm Donation done?

Once we can be sure that the female is capable of carrying out the sperm donation process, we can move forward with the next challenge.

This means being able to precisely determine to you what the next stages in the process will be.

So, what happens?

  • Firstly, we will undergo all of the hormone stimulations and ultrasound testing that we mentioned in the above section. This is a requirement when you want to help increase your egg production capabilities.
  • This is arguably the essential part of the whole process, as it plays a crucial role in making sure you are suitable for donation in the first place. Once eggs are being produced and you have shown you can stick to the personal plan created for you, it’s time to move on.
  • When we are happy with the progress being made, and eggs are capable of being fertilized, we will begin the process in full. Eggs will be collected from the female, and then they will be mixed with the donor’s sperm.
  • The sperm donation provided will then work with the eggs when the follicles reach their correct and safe sizing. The collected eggs are then injected with a single sperm or ICSI.
  • At this point, all viable embryos will be taken and then transferred back to the uterus of the female who is taking part on day three to five of the development process.

When these stages are complete, the sperm donation process can begin in full. This will allow for treatment to happen happily and safely, and allow for the eggs to be fertilized as needed.

Why should I choose sperm donation in Cyprus?

There are many places in Europe which allow you to pick up high-quality sperm donation treatment. However, the factors which make Cyprus an excellent choice for using a donor include:

  • High-quality facilities. As a nation that takes pride in the elite standard of its health care facilities, Cyprus makes an exceptional country for sperm donation. From who you work with to how the process is done, Cyprus takes no risks when it comes to safe sperm donation.
  • High success rates. With sperm donation success rates as high as possible determined by your age and over reserves, Cyprus has facilities which make your success rates higher which can help you to overcome biological limitations stopping you from finding success.
  • Excellent rights. Other nations make it hard for you to maintain rights over the child. If you want to make sure that you retain full legal parenthood of your child, then sperm donation in Cyprus makes by far and away the most sense.
  • Equal rights. However, donors do not have to worry about things like their anonymity being exposed, meaning you don’t need to worry about your child being able to hunt down the donor without consent. After successful donor insemination, the obligations from the sperm donor end at that – allowing all parties to move on happily.
  • Safe standards. Despite being far less expensive than some of its European neighbors, standards in Cyprus are extremely high. Allied to the excellent climate, wonderful conditions for life and professional experts, and it’s easy to see why sperm donation across Cyprus is recommended.

Why Choose Dunya IVF for Sperm Donation?

Dunya Ivf Clinic in Cyprus

At Dunya IVF, we believe we make the perfect choice for undergoing the sperm donation process.

Just some of the reasons we think you can enjoy working with us include:

  • Expertise throughout. We know that trust plays a significant role in making sure you can enjoy your sperm donation process. Our open and friendly staff will disclose any details that you want – and need – to know.
  • High success rates. Although sperm donation success rates will come from various other life factors, we make sure that we do everything possible to create the best atmosphere possible for higher success rates overall.
  • Brilliant facilities. With the most modern equipment and safest solutions put in place, we make sure that all users of our facilities in northern Cyprus can enjoy a stress-free experience in a safe, secure and affluent location.
  • A safe sperm donation procedure. From where we get our sperm from to the sperm donation process we follow, no stone is left unturned, and no corners are cut: we make sure you can get an elite standard of service at excellent cost.
  • Affordable pricing. We do everything we can to make sure that your sperm donation cost is not going to be too much. If you want to work with a Cypriot sperm donation company that keeps the sperm donation price down, we can do just that.

Who can benefit from Sperm Donation?

We recommend that anyone suffering from the following could find a benefit from such treatment. Typically, those who need to consider the use of sperm donations would include:

  • Cases in which no sperm is obtained from the ejaculate or testicles – this could be caused by various issues like non-obstructive azoospermia.
  • Cases in which sperm is detected but structural deformities are observed which disables the ability to fertilize the oocyte.
  • In cases where hereditary diseases are detected that might inhibit your chances of conception without assistance.
  • In cases where the male is a carrier of sexually – transmitted diseases such as HIV.
  • In cases which affect the blood RH compatibility, making ordinary conception difficult.

Source of sperm donors

Everything about sperm donation in Cyprus

Typically, at Dunya IVF we make use of sperm donors from sources we can trust. We only use sperm banks at present from trusted locations such as Denmark and the United States of America.

All sperm donors will be thoroughly tested and checked out, too, with tests carried out for evaluation on several conditions. You can find out more about the sperm donors we use here.

Should no problem arise during testing, the donor will be accepted for the donor program. Also, according to the legal legislation of the country where sperm donation is applied, additional tests may be required for conditions like thalassemia, cystic fibrosis & sickle cell anemia.

We will make sure that you can get all the help that you need to understand the clear clinical testing required. Make no mistake, though: the source of our sperm donations always comes from safe, reliable and secure locations.

We use only the best sperm donors to make sure the process can be as easy as possible.

The determination of the choice of the sperm is made by considering the compatibility between the sperm donor’s blood type and physical characteristics. This will play a key role in making sure the process is as easy to follow along with as is possible.

When the oocyte collection phase from the female is launched, the donated sperm is thawed to prepare the sperm and the oocyte for the microinjection phase. After fertilization, the embryo transfer phase is launched.

Sperm donation Success Rates in Cyprus

Although the process of donation sperm can be quite uniform, with only small changes based on personal circumstance, success rates are often variable on numerous factors.

Typically, success rates for sperm donation in Cyprus will be determined by factors such as your age, the ovary reserve of the female and the response of the body to our treatment and preparation beforehand.

Sperm donation success rates in Cyprus will often be anything from 59% for females aged 20-29, to 19% for those aged 40+. Again, your reaction to treatment will often play a key role in determining what happens next. Of course, please be aware that other IVF treatments do exist with higher success rates.

You can see other IVF treatment success rates here. Other IVF treatments may be preferable to you, so consider your options carefully.

Sperm Donation Costs in Cyprus

Presently, sperm donation costs in Cyprus will usually start at around 4.500 Euros.

This will include your sperm being imported by a reputable sperm bank. We can let you know how much the full costs will be of your treatment if we are to push on with the process, making sure you can get all the help that you need to understand the costs of sperm donation for you personally in full.

From additional testing to a different choice of a sperm bank, we will make sure that pricing is adjusted to your own personal requirements.

With sperm donation costs being so low compared to other locations across the continent, matched with high service standards and success rates, it’s easy to see why sperm donation is so popular across Cyprus.

Making the right choice for you

Of course, undergoing treatment such as donor insemination or sperm donation might sound challenging.

At Dunya IVF, we will be more than happy to help you work through any uncertainties or considerations you have. From finding out what causes low sperm count for you personally, to what sperm donation procedure would make the most sense for you, we will be happy to assist you moving forward.

For any more information, you may require, let us know at Dunya: we can help you find the easiest way to handle sperm treatments, including artificial insemination by donor.

We recommend that you contact us today at Dunya IVF, and we can help you to take the right steps forward in creating a donation process that you can truly enjoy.

For any more required information about the use of sperm donation treatment, feel free to contact us today – we will be happy to provide any information that you might need.


Sperm Donation in Cyprus FAQ

Let us make the dream come true
Dunya IVF’s team of experts will be happy to inform you regarding all fertility treatment options available, and recommend the optimal way forward for your specific circumstances. Contact us today and let us help you make the dream of parenthood a reality!

A few words from happy parents

The clinic was very professional and treated us as individuals and tailored the treatment to our needs. Dr Berk and Ozgu (who manages the clinic) speak excellent English and respond to emails swiftly and are both very personable when you meet them. One of the nurse did not speak English but they had another person there to translate for us. Thoroughly recommend the clinic. They have linked up with the Malpas hotel which works exceptionally well, they pick you up from the airport and take you to all your appointments. Ensuring you are as relaxed as you can be when having treatment.
- Emily Dickinson
It is the first time I am experiencing a moment where a ‘thank you’ just feels not enough. First of all thanks to Dr. Berk, nurses Nazlı, Melike and Aynur along with Mustafa, Murat and all the others who I don’t know their names – you are a team made up of angels. I have never seen a team so warm, attentive and successful before – all of you were just wonderful. I am really grateful to you all. I will never be able to thank you enough, however I wanted you to know that you will always be in my prayers. You made my wife and I extremely happy. With all my love and respect…
- Mehmet Arslan
I suffered from unexplained infertility and the doctor said that IVF with egg donation is the best option for me. I live with my husband in Australia but we have a family in Cyprus and they said that it is a great place for IVF with egg donation. I felt like I have no other choice, that this is my last chance for having a kid, my husband also wanted a child very badly. So we went to Cyprus on a treatment/holidays. I was very scared. My first consultation in Dunya was a huge relief. I remember thinking "this is the right place to be". The doctor was very strict with me and didn't tell me fairly tales but he was very polite at the same time. He took me step by step through the treatment and I always knew what will happen with me and what comes next. IT is hard to comprehend how I feel know, I just can't believe my luck. The treatment was a success and we have a gorgeous daughter now and I would only want to wish such luck upon everyone who also want a baby! Thank you Dunya for making us a family we always wanted to be.
- Liz Farra

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