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IVF 101: A Complete Guide to Assisted Reproduction

If you’re wondering about IVF, yet all the data online confuses you, this is what you need. All your questions are answered right here in an easy-to-read handbook about anything IVF. 


Everything from the history of IVF, to the various types of treatments, to the latest in assisted reproductive technology is detailed in this eBook.

Who would need IVF?

What are the steps in the process?

How much does it cost?

this an ebook written by Dunya Ivf Clinic

What’s Inside This eBook?

All you need to know about IVF Treatment

  • What is IVF Exactly?
  • Common Fertility Problems That Might Require IVF
  • The IVF Treatment Process
  • The IVF Timeline: From Start to Finish
  • What Types of IVF Exist?
  • What is Egg Donation?
  • What is Sperm Donation?
  • What is Embryo Donation?
  • What is PGD?
  • What is Surrogacy?
  • What is Cryopreservation?
  • How to Choose the Best IVF Clinics
  • What is the Standard Cost for IVF Treatment?
  • Is Fertility Treatment Abroad for me?

Author spotlight

Dr Berk is the Medical Director at Dunya IVF in Cyprus. He is a specialist in Reproductive Medicine with over 25 years experience. In addition to his IVF specialisation as a Medical Doctor, he also holds embryology certification. He regularly follows the latest scientific developments and enjoys publishing papers that help contribute to the advancement of the field.

Readers say

It helped me so much understanding everything related to IVF and saved me hours of searching in the web for these information. 

S. Paul

I’ve been helped immensely just by reading the first 3 chapters. All IVF related treatments and options in a way I can understand them in a beautiful eBook.

M. Hoax

All your questions about IVF are answered right here

If you’re feeling confused, let this step-by-step guide be your helping hand in your journey toward parenthood!

  • Everything you need to know about Egg & Sperm Donation Treatments
  • Is Gender Selection Possible?
  • Success Rates: Find the Truth behind this metric
  • How to Choose the Right Clinic for me?
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