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Cyprus IVF Success Rates

Couples from abroad who look for IVF clinics in Cyprus, tend to compare particularly the success rates of the respective clinics before making their decision. In Cyprus, in addition to the traditional IVF treatments, donation treatments including IVF with donor eggs are available. Therefore, it is critical to know whether female patient’s own eggs or donor eggs are used when looking at these success rates. 

In egg and embryo donation, as eggs of young and fertile women are used, success rates are higher compared to treatments where woman’s own eggs are used. Hence, that’s why success rates are higher in Cyprus compared to most countries where donation is not possible.

Critical factors determining success rates in IVF treatment’s where female patient’s own eggs are used is the age and fertility history of the female.

2022 success rates for IVF, egg donation and PGD for Dunya IVF Clinic in Cyprus are as follows (TBA):

Age of Female Patient Egg Donation Embryo Donation Sperm Donation IVF PGD Egg Donation and PGD
20-29 82% 83% 59% 56% 51% 80%
30-34 81% 83% 54% 51% 47% 80%
35-39 81% 82% 47% 45% 43% 79%
40+ 80% 82% 19% 14% 11% 78%

Success rates are based on whether pregnancy is achieved, which is checked through the beta-hCG levels in the blood, 11 and 13 days after embryo transfer. These success rates are not for live births. Live birth success rates are lower than the rates given above.

Cyprus IVF Success Rates FAQ


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A few words from happy parents

It is the first time I am experiencing a moment where a ‘thank you’ just feels not enough. First of all thanks to Dr. Berk, nurses Nazlı, Melike and Aynur along with Mustafa, Murat and all the others who I don’t know their names – you are a team made up of angels. I have never seen a team so warm, attentive and successful before – all of you were just wonderful. I am really grateful to you all. I will never be able to thank you enough, however I wanted you to know that you will always be in my prayers. You made my wife and I extremely happy. With all my love and respect…
- Mehmet Arslan
Very good clinic, super doctor took good care of me. Clinic is very nice and IVF was successful. Dunya Clinic is amazing I recommend!
- Tinka Cole
It is my pleasure to write a recommendation to Dunya IVF Clinic. I received a warm, kind, patient and professional treatment. I live abroad and the medical coordinator escorted me through the process in the most thorough and gracious manner, explaining and elaborating in every step of the way. When I arrived to Dunya Clinic the medical staff was so professional and kind in such delicate process. I had an embryo thaw and transfer and the process was successful. In addition, the facility was hygienic and clean and all my needs were taken care of. I deeply thank all of Dunya clinic staff and warmly recommend to be treated at that facility!
- Danielle Ashcroft

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