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What is a Sperm Bank?

Cyprus Dunya IVF Clinic explains what sperm bank is

For many people looking to have a child, a straightforward process might not be possible.

From issues such as azoospermia to issues with genetics or the wish to be a single parent, many reasons can exist why you might wish to turn to sperm donation.

Finding sperm to use, though, is not quite so simple. While many of us can find a sperm donor to help us out, it’s not always possible.

When you don’t have someone in your personal life who you can turn to for help in finding a sperm donor, you have another option: using a sperm bank.

What is a sperm bank?

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A sperm bank is a beneficial service, sometimes referred to as a cryobank. Sperm banks are a facility which is used to help store unused human semen from sperm donors. This donated sperm would then be used by women who wish to achieve pregnancy.

For those who are unable to pick up a quality sperm donor from someone they know, then using a sperm bank is usually your best bet to solving the issue at hand.

With that in mind, then, it pays to invest some more time and effort into finding a sperm bank that you can use happily. Whether you use artificial insemination or you go through IVF treatment, the options are open on how the sperm obtained from a sperm bank could be used.

Why would I need to use a cryobank?

There are many reasons why you might need to use a sperm bank. Some of the most common reasons why you might need to use a sperm bank will include:

  • You are unable to have children with your partner due to their inability to produce sperm.
  • You cannot find an appropriate individual in your personal life who is willing to take part in the process.
  • You wish to find a safe, professional solution to make sure insemination is possible.

At Dunya IVF, we look to understand your needs better so that we can help you to find the right solution.

We work with trusted international sperm banks to make sure any sperm donation treatment used at our fertility clinic come from respected, trusted sources.

We currently hold one of the largest sperm samples in Cyprus with all ethnic profiles in stock.

The Selection Process

The cryobank selection process

While you have the option of our medical team choosing the sperm donor from our stock, if you wish, you can choose any donor from any sperm bank that you prefer. When using a sperm bank, you will often look to try and find a donor who is ideally suited to your needs.

As explained below, the best sperm banks will help you out by making it easy for you to find out about your donor to determine a happy match.

However, we recommend that you get involved in the following when looking at potential donors from a sperm bank:

  • Read the profile. Any sperm bank that we use at Dunya IVF will profile and detail the sperm donor, so you know who you are dealing with.
  • Audio interviews. Most sperm banks will allow you to go through the interview process, making it easy for you to gain an understanding of what both parties can achieve here.
  • Family profiling. This is useful as it lets you find out more about potential genetic and hereditary issues that might exist in any potential donor you consider.
  • Staff impressions. Staff will also be happy to undergo a clear evaluation of any donor and give you an idea of what they would be like in terms of suitability to your needs.
  • Keirsey tests. This personality assessment questionnaire will help you to evaluate the person better and to determine if there is a mutual understanding.

Finding a cryobank

Find a trusted spermbank - what to know

We use only the most trusted sperm bank solutions from countries like Denmark and the United States.

These services are critical to us, as we believe that the service they offer is as diverse and as safe as possible. Also, regulations are incredibly high in standard in both Denmark and the USA, so we feel comfortable using their service for anyone undergoing a sperm donation requirement.

All Your Questions About IVF Are Answered Right Here

Download a FREE copy of our new eBook IVF 101: A Complete Guide to Assisted Reproduction“. Everything from the history of IVF, to the various types of treatments, to the latest in assisted reproductive technology is detailed in this eBook

We import all of our sperm from popular, trusted and secure sperm banks. We choose these banks as the donors undergo major testing for genetic problems and for looking out with issues such as contagious diseases and various other forms of testing.

We look to make sure that we only use sperm banks which go through a rigorous testing process and undergoing psychological profiling of the donors which allow us to make sure that the sperm bank we work with is only using sperm donors who can be trusted.

While choosing donor semen, you would normally have the choice between anonymous and non-anonymous donors.

Anonymous donors do not agree to their identity to be released whereas non-anonymous donors agree to meet babies conceived through sperm donation when the baby reaches 18 years of age.

This is a personal choice and some people prefer to have an anonymous donor whereas other is passionate about using non-anonymous donors.

Common services

The most Common cryobank services

Using a sperm bank, you often have access to numerous other services that you could work with. We recommend that the evaluate the following sperm bank services to see if they are the right fit for you:

  • Exclusivity. Some people love working with a donor so much that they can ask that donor to exclusively work with you on any future sperm donation needs you might have, albeit at a premium fee.
  • Slotting. To use a pregnancy slot, you essentially become one of the families that a donor could work with. This gives you the right to use the same donor more than once with a particular donor if you wish.
  • Storage. Some men will look to have their sperm pre-stored. If you are going to enter a process where your health could be put at risk, this will help to prevent running the risk of not having children in the future.
  • Selection. Some will use a sperm bank to help avoid their child having to deal with hereditary or chromosomal issues, meaning that they could help their child to avoid having a challenging time later on in life.

Finding a cryobank with Dunya IVF

Dunya IVF fertility clinic in Cyprus

At Dunya IVF, we work with the best sperm banks to make sure that if you need sperm donation, then it comes from the safest place. You are more than welcome to contact us if you would like more information about how to find a sperm bank that you can trust.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other queries about the sperm bank process, and we will get to work as soon as we can to help you feel 100% satisfied with your decision.

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