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Embryo Donation in Cyprus

Embryo Donation in Cyprus – Overview

When it comes to embryo donation in Cyprus, you might have questions about what to expect.

In a bid to help you understand how we can help you at Dunya IVF, we’ve broken some down of the vital information you need to know, and how we can help you achieve the aims set out by the procedure.

What is Embryo Donation?

Embryo donation is an often suggested solution for couples suffering from infertility problems.

If both male and female reproductive systems are not able to produce the desired result, then this treatment might be the best solution possible.

Eggs are received from a healthy donor, and sperm is used from a sperm bank and fertilised in a safe, modern lab environment.

With the help of micro-injection, the embryos then transfer to the uterus, with the aim to help create the opportunity to become pregnant when otherwise impossible.

The process can be challenging to understand at first, but we’ll give you a clear consultation on what to expect.

Since there is less preparation than alternative treatments, though, you would both only need to be present for the actual transfer process. That can make getting ready for something so significant easier, mentally, physically and financially.

Embryo donation is a recommended method for couples where the female cannot get pregnant with her eggs and when the male does not have sperm that can fertilise the egg.

In this treatment, the egg-donation and the sperm-donation, which is determined compatible with the physical characteristics of the couple are subject to the microinjection process.

All donor eggs and sperm go through appropriate screening tests. The embryo is then transferred to the receiver female, and the success rate is approximately 80%.

Before you end up to that decision, as in the other donation applications, the medical reason and all the details of the treatment should be discussed with the couple.

The Procedure of Embryo Donation

Embryo Transfer

Of course, the process of embryo donation is a personal process.

Therefore, you need to be ready to undergo a thorough induction to help better understand this treatment as a whole.

This evaluation plays a considerable role in preparing you for what is to come.

It’s important you take note of the information you receive.

After the explanation of the medical reasons, if the couple decides to choose embryo donation, then the process continues with the medical evaluation of the couple.

These evaluations will help to determine the challenges that you both may face along the way.

The results of the medical assessment will play a determining role in how far you can move forward with this treatment, or what challenges need to be overcome before the procedure can move forward.

When does embryo transfer occur?

After the receiver female has gone through the required screening tests, there will be a clear run-through of any medication required. This medication will be used to help medically prepare the body prior to implantation.

When there is clarity on what medication is needed and there is an agreement to proceed, ultrasounds will take place.

The transfer date of the embryo is set according to the medical follow-ups of the receiver, and the couple receives notification before the embryo transfer. Typically embryo transfer is deemed appropriate when endometrial thickness is above 7mm.

Females, who also have a severe endometrial or uterus problem may need to use surrogacy in addition to embryo donation to have a baby.

Taking precaution after embryo transfer

Like any procedure, it’s important that embryo transfer is considered closely and from all angles.

It’s important to recognise both the challenges ahead and the opportunities that embryo transfer creates.

This is why picking the right clinic and environment for transfer is so important. The better the care post-transfer the more likely it is that you can enjoy the embryo transfer process and hopefully see better results. 

When it comes to embryo donation in Cyprus, the advantages can be made clear during the thorough evaluation process you’ll undergo.

Due to the significant nature of the decision you are making, it’s important to undergo embryo donation in a location that allows the best chance to proceed safely and successfully.

Why Should We Choose Embryo Donation in Cyprus?

While you might not be from Cyprus, it’s become one of the best nations in Europe for treatment such as embryo donation.

Cyprus ranks among the highest countries on the continent to provide services such as this.

Just some of the reasons why undergoing embryo donation in Cyprus is a good idea include:

  • Few locations can offer such consistent quality of treatment at affordable cost. 
  • The luxurious quality of medical fertility treatments is a proud part of Cypriot medical care. 
  • The nation provides one of the most relaxing environments for recuperation. 
  • Having liberal donation regulations.

Few nations can claim to have the same handle this treatment as Cyprus has. Their knowledge of the industry mixed with the quality of life one can enjoy when staying in Cyprus makes it an excellent choice for many reasons.

Another reason, of course, is the cost. Embryo donation costs in Cyprus are very fair, especially when compared to other nations in Europe.

What Makes Dunya IVF the Right Choice for Embryo Donation?

Embryo Donation in Cyprus - DunyaIVF Fertility Clinic

Dunya IVF proudly rates among the top IVF clinics in 2018.

We’re proud to be seen as a beacon of high standards, and endeavour to make sure that continues.

We were delighted to be rated by The Global Clinic Rating as among the best IVF clinics, chosen from a list of over 2,000 medical centres.

We believe that our faith in the work we do is essential to our success. We work closely with you to make sure that there is never a moment’s hesitancy.

However, we also make sure that any question you have can receive a clear, honest answer.

With a high standard of facilities mixed in with a patient-centric approach, we make the process more comfortable to embrace rather than feel any trepidation.

If you are intent on moving forward with Cyprus embryo donation, we would love to help showcase why we are so well-respected within our industry. 

Embryo Donation Success Rates in Cyprus

At present, embryo donation success rates in Cyprus stand at an impressive 83% for those aged 29-39. Even at age 40, the success rates still sit at a remarkable 82%.

These high-quality levels of success mean that you can enjoy a higher level of confidence that this is the right path for you.

If you have been put off by the lower success rates elsewhere, you’ll find that embryo donation is one of the most successful treatment rates of its kind.

Embryo donation, then, is an excellent choice for those who want to help improve their chances of success. With so much to consider, you want to know that your chances of success are as high as possible.

While nothing in life can be guaranteed, higher odds should always inspire confidence.

Embryo Donation Cost in Cyprus

Like all forms of IVF treatment, the cost in Cyprus is much cheaper than elsewhere. Here, the standard cost of embryo donation services in Cyprus start at just €7,500. This stands much lower than the continental average and can make initiating the process much easier due to the increased affordability.

As ever, IVF treatment costs are generally fairer and more affordable in Cyprus than they are elsewhere in Europe and beyond.

If you would like to know more about the costs associated with embryo donation, we can help you better evaluate what your costs would be.

Contact us today, and we can take a closer look at the costs in regards to your situation.

Learn More

For more details about embryo donation treatment, you may check our FAQ section or read our related blog articles below.

Keep in mind that we are offering online-consultation with our team free of charge, so they can guide you through the process and answer all of your questions. While there may be some issues you still wish to resolve, when it comes to embryo donation Cyprus is easily one of the best places to find answers.

Should you have any concerns, it’s best to reach out and speak with professionals who can help you choose the best steps to successful embryo donation in Cyprus.  

Embryo Donation in Cyprus FAQ


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A few words from happy parents

The clinic was very professional and treated us as individuals and tailored the treatment to our needs. Dr Berk and Ozgu (who manages the clinic) speak excellent English and respond to emails swiftly and are both very personable when you meet them. One of the nurse did not speak English but they had another person there to translate for us. Thoroughly recommend the clinic. They have linked up with the Malpas hotel which works exceptionally well, they pick you up from the airport and take you to all your appointments. Ensuring you are as relaxed as you can be when having treatment.
- Emily Dickinson
I suffered from unexplained infertility and the doctor said that IVF with egg donation is the best option for me. I live with my husband in Australia but we have a family in Cyprus and they said that it is a great place for IVF with egg donation. I felt like I have no other choice, that this is my last chance for having a kid, my husband also wanted a child very badly. So we went to Cyprus on a treatment/holidays. I was very scared. My first consultation in Dunya was a huge relief. I remember thinking "this is the right place to be". The doctor was very strict with me and didn't tell me fairly tales but he was very polite at the same time. He took me step by step through the treatment and I always knew what will happen with me and what comes next. IT is hard to comprehend how I feel know, I just can't believe my luck. The treatment was a success and we have a gorgeous daughter now and I would only want to wish such luck upon everyone who also want a baby! Thank you Dunya for making us a family we always wanted to be.
- Liz Farra
It is my pleasure to write a recommendation to Dunya IVF Clinic. I received a warm, kind, patient and professional treatment. I live abroad and the medical coordinator escorted me through the process in the most thorough and gracious manner, explaining and elaborating in every step of the way. When I arrived to Dunya Clinic the medical staff was so professional and kind in such delicate process. I had an embryo thaw and transfer and the process was successful. In addition, the facility was hygienic and clean and all my needs were taken care of. I deeply thank all of Dunya clinic staff and warmly recommend to be treated at that facility!
- Danielle Ashcroft

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