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I suffered from unexplained infertility and the doctor said that IVF with egg donation is the best option for me. I live with my husband in Australia but we have a family in Cyprus and they said that it is a great place for IVF with egg donation. I felt like I have no other choice, that this is my last chance for having a kid, my husband also wanted a child very badly. So we went to Cyprus on a treatment/holidays. I was very scared. My first consultation in Dunya was a huge relief. I remember thinking "this is the right place to be". The doctor was very strict with me and didn't tell me fairly tales but he was very polite at the same time. He took me step by step through the treatment and I always knew what will happen with me and what comes next. IT is hard to comprehend how I feel know, I just can't believe my luck. The treatment was a success and we have a gorgeous daughter now and I would only want to wish such luck upon everyone who also want a baby! Thank you Dunya for making us a family we always wanted to be.

- Liz Farra

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