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EmbryoScope+®️ & RI Witness now available in Cyprus, exclusively at Dunya IVF Clinic

Image of embryoscope equipment and RI Witness control system with disc plate

Introducing a state of the art technology

The latest in cutting-edge technology is finally here in Cyprus and it is available only here at Dunya IVF. Meet the EmbryoScope+®️, a high capacity time-lapse incubator that continuously monitors and records your embryo’s growth while reducing the disturbance and stress on your embryos; and the RI Witness®️, a fail-safe management system that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to detect and monitor all activity in the IVF laboratory.

The EmbryoScope+®️ is an amazing innovation that is now a standard of care among leading fertility clinics in Europe and in the US. It is proven to improve your chances of pregnancy and reduce your risks of pregnancy loss. The RI-Witness safeguards every step of the IVF cycle to avoid mistakes and implements a 24-hour watch on the entire laboratory.

Helping you achieve your dream of having a baby is very important to us here at Dunya IVF and we are more than happy to initially include these two revolutionary services FOR FREE to all our patients across all treatments.

We take your IVF journey very seriously, so adding these two latest innovations in assisted reproductive technology (ART) come naturally with our dedication. First, let us show you the wonders of Embryoscope+®️.

Improve your Pregnancy Chances with EmbryoScope+®️

EmbryoScope+®️ is a specially designed high capacity time-lapse incubator developed by Vitrolife, with a built-in camera and microscope that takes an image of your embryos every ten minutes. With this time-lapse technology, we can monitor your embryos through the full course of their development, without removing them from the safe environment of the incubator.

This system enables us to create time-lapse videos of each individual embryo while they are in the incubator. Our embryologist can use these videos to select the best embryos for transfer and freezing. Once we have identified which of your embryos are most suitable for transfer, you will receive your own copy of the video, where we will explain to you the key stages.

an embryologist controls the embryoscope plus equipment through it's monitor and touchpad to check the status of the embryos

When are embryos put in an embryoscope

Embryos are placed in the embryoscope straight after ICSI (microinjection). They will stay in this advanced incubator where every aspect of their development is observed.

Currently, in the traditional way, embryologists need to remove the embryo from the incubator to perform three to five brief evaluations of the developing embryo at fixed time-points over 2 to 5 days. In an evaluation, they check different criteria in selecting the best embryo such as the number of cells and how fast they are dividing.

These “snap shot” evaluations are limited because they have to minimise the time the embryos spend outside the safe environment of the incubator. This is to avoid embryo stress, which can lessen the quality of the embryo and reduce the chances of pregnancy.

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With the time-lapse technology of EmbryoScope+®️, we have a new and better way. Embryologists can now monitor your embryos through the full course of their development without removing them from the safety of the incubator.

Your embryos are kept safe, as they remain protected in the EmbryoScope incubator and stay undisturbed in their stable and warm environment for the entire culture duration.

Benefits of EmbryoScope+®️

Embryoscope plus equipment in our lab with an embryologist next to a computer

Undisturbed development

With EmbryoScope+®️, your embryos can grow undisturbed in a stable and safe environment. Temperature is tightly regulated by direct heat contact and air is continuously purified through a HEPA/VOC filter. Reduced oxygen conditions are implemented easily with an integrated gas mixer. Small incubation chambers allow rapid recovery of culture conditions after door opening and there is no need for embryologists to remove the embryos from the incubator manually in order to observe their growth.

Continuous Monitoring 24/7

EmbryoScope+®️ has a built-in camera that takes pictures of each embryo separately several times in an hour using high-quality Hoffman modulation contrast optics. This constant time-lapse monitoring ensures seamless video playback that allows observation of key morphological features. The technology gives us highly enhanced information, where every crucial stage of your embryo’s development is visible. Light wavelength and total energy exposure was assessed to ensure that this technology does not harm your embryos. Up to 16 embryos can be placed in the Embryoscope+ at a given time for 15 different patients.

Increased Chances of Pregnancy

EmbryoScope+®️ helps us transfer the most viable embryo. As a result, your chances of getting pregnant after an IVF treatment increases and the risks of you losing your pregnancy reduces. Time-lapse culture and evaluation improve your IVF success with these points:

  • Improved implantation rate.
    Time-lapse improves your chances of transferring a viable embryo, resulting in increased clinical outcome.
  • Reduced pregnancy loss.
    Selecting the most viable embryo for implantation also means reducing the percentage of pregnancies lost or aborted.
  • Shorter time to pregnancy.
    Improving the clinical pregnancy rate while decreasing pregnancy losses effectively shortens the overall time to pregnancy.

Be Worry-Free with RI Witness

monitor with embryos that controls all stages with RI witness

RI Witness is an ART management system that uses cutting-edge Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). It helps prevent potential errors and automatically manages all activity in our IVF laboratory. With Dunya IVF’s use of RI Witness, our laboratory staff members, clinic management and staff, and especially you our IVF patients, will enjoy extra piece of mind.

This new technology helps establish accountability and reduces liability. For the first time, we have the ability to evidence what happens in a patient cycle. RI Witness works as a constant safeguard to help minimize stress and interruptions, protecting and managing every aspect of your IVF journey.

How does RI Witness Work?

At the start of an IVF cycle, each couple is assigned an ID card that contains a unique personal code, which they present at egg retrieval or sperm donation. During your oocyte retrieval and sperm preparation, the RI Witness RFID tags allow us to identify, track and record when your samples are moved from one dish to another at each step of the process.

If a mismatch occurs, everything stops, with the immediate alarm and system lockdown. A different patient’s samples cannot be worked on at the same time. If an incompatible sample appears in the work area, an alarm will sound immediately.

Embryologist is checking the embryos with RI witness system

It Mitigates Human Error

The usual human error that happens in the IVF laboratories is mixing up samples of different patients. This error has wide-reaching effects on both the family and the embryologist and could even impact the perception of IVF practices. Moreover, the error will generate a repetitive task and could be time-consuming. According to a study, the rate of mismatch has increased up to 0.11% that includes identity check and administration errors.
With RI witness, human error can be mitigated. It has a constant monitoring system that reduces the chances of making human errors. If an error occurs, an operator will be notified right away, before the samples were put into the process. While the security of the sample is locked, correction should be taken.

It Increases Efficiency in the Lab

Due to the demand for double checking the samples of the patients, staff members are required to consistently follow the protocol. Thus, it requires them to give some of their time in doing the task. But RI witness includes time-saving features that make laboratory work easier. It allows staff members to provide efficient work and give time to more important procedures because RI witness can take up most of the laboratory procedures.

All Your Questions About IVF Are Answered Right Here

Download a FREE copy of our new eBook IVF 101: A Complete Guide to Assisted Reproduction“. Everything from the history of IVF, to the various types of treatments, to the latest in assisted reproductive technology is detailed in this eBook

For instance, RI witness can read multiple dishes at once without the supervision of the operator. Moreover, RI Witness uses a microscope to constantly monitor the area. It also gives 24/7 protection to ensure that a check is not neglected.

How much is Embryoscope+®️ & RI Witness

Using EmbryoScope in IVF has become a standard among top quality clinics around the world and patients hoping to experience a successful IVF treatment feel more comfortable with it. The average rate of a Time-Lapse Embryoscope in addition to IVF is €695. But since Dunya IVF is the first clinic in Cyprus to use this technology, we will initially offer Embryoscope+®️ for FREE for all our patients across all treatments.

Some clinics in Europe charge €100 for every stage where RI Witness was used (and invoicing is given on the day of the attempt).
But here at Dunya IVF, we provide this service to you for FREE (for a limited time).

Just as we offer the EmbryoScope+®️ with no added cost, we include RI Witness in every aspect of your IVF process free of charge.

As the first clinic in Cyprus that offer these two amazing technological innovations in the history of IVF, we at Dunya IVF can give you the most fulfilling IVF experience.

Contact US at Dunya IVF

Your safety and security are of utmost importance to us here at Dunya IVF, so we keep ahead of industry standards. The best part is we initially offer these innovations to you for FREE, as a sign of our dedication to optimal and quality service. This offer is for a limited time only, so it is best you contact us now to get details.

We look forward to assisting you in your quest of building your family. With the added benefits now made possible with these new technologies, we feel more confident of your success. Contact us and let us begin this incredible journey together.

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