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The story of Jessica Rose: How her parents fought to meet her and what this means for future couples who have felt defeated

Jessica Rose

How often can people say they’ve experienced miracles? In some cases, you might be able to see them more often than not. One of the biggest joys when working in an IVF clinic is seeing a miraculous smile after endless pain. Having the ability to help others make their dreams come true is an unmatched feeling. Such is the case with baby Jessica Rose and her warrior parents, Jo and Jason. Seeing this success story shared on countless websites has given hope to many couples who thought it wasn’t meant to happen for them.

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Jo and Jason almost brought a life into this world 14 times. The couple was determined to create a family of their own and tried year after year to have a baby. Their journey started in southwest London where they fell in love and decided upon starting a family. After suffering several miscarriages, the couple felt that a change of scenery would benefit them. Few experiences in life measure up to the heartbreak that a miscarriage can cause.

Jo and Jason decided to move to Spain and adopted a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle, hoping it would help their dreams come true. While they were able to conceive a baby multiple times, the pregnancy wouldn’t last for long. Just as they were about to give up, they won a free round of IVF, here at the Dunya IVF clinic.

Jessica Rose is a little under two years old, but her fame exceeds her. Having her picture on various media outlets made her story known across the globe. She has become a viral sensation, a glimmer of hope and strength for myriad families who try month after month to have a baby. She has been cheered on by many articles as a miracle baby.

“You’ve never known a more determined baby” Jo describes her daughter.

Dunya ivf featured mirror metro mail online
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The Detailed Story

Jessica Rose’s journey started in February 2019, right here in our clinic. Her parents were adamant on meeting her and even though they had every reason to give up on their dream, they did everything in their power to create a family.

Jo’s journey to motherhood certainly had its roadblocks. Even though she was having difficulty with her pregnancies, seeking an IVF treatment wasn’t on top of her list of things to try. If anything, she was advised against it from medical experts.

While in Spain, she had several tests done and the results highlighted some important issues that were most likely standing in her way of becoming a mother. She discovered that she had three types of blood clotting disorders, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, which could have been affecting her pregnancies and prohibiting her from carrying full-term pregnancies. After the diagnosis, the couple decided to try a round of IVF. Unfortunately, it resulted in her 13th miscarriage.

Our clinic welcomed Jo and Jason Scollen in 2018 when they won an IVFbabble contest for a free IVF cycle at our clinic, here in Cyprus. This contest was done to commemorate 40 years since the first IVF baby was brought into this world. It was certainly a call of action from fate that had Jo and Jason win this contest. After countless years of facing disappointing results, their dream and determination worked as a compass that guided them to Cyprus and through the doors of our clinic. When the couple realized they won a free IVF cycle, they started dreaming about their miracle baby again. Their dream was waiting for them after a trip to Cyprus.

As with all cases, the first step when working towards any type of treatment at the Dunya IVF clinic is to run a set of tests. This is done in order to provide tailored services and offer the best course of action for every single case.

It was during this preliminary stage that the medical team notified the couple that it was not the best time for them to receive an IVF treatment. Even though their dream was seemingly put on hold once again, our clinic wanted to see this couple meet their miracle baby.

Our clinic was set on making this couple part of our  IVF family. We believe in the power of second chances and the importance of making dreams come true. Even though their prize was for one round of IVF, we couldn’t possibly have them leaving the clinic with a broken heart.

We take pride in our approach; how we try to see each case as a unique opportunity to create something great. We invited them over for a second round of free IVF in February 2019.

Four weeks later, a blood test confirmed they were expecting a baby. Soon after, the happy news reached us from Cartagena, Spain that Jessica Rose was on her way. The couple had every reason to believe that something might go wrong with this pregnancy too. However, the trust they placed in our hands, alongside their constant faith and persistence for a baby, got them through the pregnancy.

Even though the cards were stacked against them at first, we were able to help them accomplish their lifelong dream of parenthood.

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