Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation - Overview

Embryo donation is a recommended method for couples where the female cannot get pregnant with her own eggs and when the male does not have sperm that can fertilize the egg. In embryo donation treatment, the donor eggs and the sperm-donation, which is determined compatible with the physical characteristics of the couple are subject to the  microinjection process. All donor eggs and sperm go through appropriate screening tests. The embryo is then transferred to the receiver female and the success rate is approximately 75%. Prior to the Embryo Donation, as in the other donation applications, the medical reason and all the details of the treatment should be discussed with the couple.

Embryo Donation - Procedure

After the explanation of the medical reasons, if the decision of the couple is to have the embryo donation, then the process continues with the medical evaluation of the couple. After the completion of the receiver female’s screening tests, the description of the application of the drugs that will be used by the female in the medical preparation phase is made and the ultrasound follow-ups are performed. The transfer date of the embryo is determined according to the medical follow-ups of the receiver and the couple is notified before the embryo transfer. Females, who also have an endometrial or uterus​ ​problem may need to use surrogacy in addition to embryo donation to have a​ ​baby.

Embryo Donation FAQ

The cost of embryo donation is 5,500 Euros at our fertility clinic.

Our fertility clinic consistently achieves over 80% pregnancy rate for our embryo donation patients for all age groups.

Typically, we recommend a 2 day stay, however 1 day stay usually suffices.

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