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Where do Australians go for egg donation and gender selection abroad?

IVF is legal in Australia but some laws limit women from getting some treatments. That’s why many Australians end up having these treatments abroad. Payment for these treatments will come out-of-pocket. So a clinic that offers the right mix of affordability, standards, and closeness to home would be a precious find.

Why do Australians get gender selection and egg donation abroad?

Australian women find it hard to get donor eggs. By law, donors in Australia cannot be anonymous, and cannot receive payment for donating eggs. Any payment covers the cost of treatments only. So not too many women donate their eggs. As a result, donor eggs are hard to come by.

Australia prohibits gender or sex selection across the continent. Three states have precise laws on this issue. The States of Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia have their own laws.

Victoria prohibits sex selection during assisted reproduction. But the state allows it only to prevent a hereditary abnormality or disease. A Patient Review Panel can also approve the use of sex selection. In Western Australia, the Reproductive Technology Council approved the use of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in 2004. But only to prevent a gender-based disorder.

South Australia bans the use of sex selection using reproductive technology. But the state allows it to prevent the transmission of a genetic defect. Australians have little choice but to get gender selection and egg donation abroad.

Where do Australians get gender selection and egg donation abroad?

There are many places where Australians go for gender selection and egg donation abroad.  They consider the costs, quality of service and the clinic’s proximity to Australia. At times quality is more significant than proximity. But Australians hope to find clinics that offer the right balance of cost, quality, and proximity.

These are some common locations Australians get gender selection and egg donation abroad:

  1. Europe 
  2. United States of America
  3. Other locations include South Africa and Thailand


Most Australians go to Europe to have egg donation treatments. Among the most popular countries are Spain, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, and Ukraine. There are many clinics in Europe that offer more affordable options. Unknown donors are allowed and there are little to no waiting lists.

United States of America

Welcoming laws and an abundance of donors make the US an attractive location. But the cost of treatment in USA is highest in the World. Most parts of the US is also far away from Australia. Travel and accommodation expenses alone are also high.

Other locations

The other locations Australians go to are South Africa and Thailand. The level of quality the clinics offer and safety are the main concerns in Thailand & South Africa. That’s why both locations are not too popular.

Cyprus as a suitable alternative

Cyprus is home to some top IVF clinics in the world. Australians rank it as the third most preferred location for egg donation abroad.  Among all European countries, Cyprus is the nearest to Australia.

It can be reached via 1 connecting flight in UAE or Qatar. Many flights are available from airlines like the Qantas, Emirates Airways or Qatar Airways. The most popular routes (Sydney – Larnaca) and (Melbourne – Larnaca) are priced at only $1,209.

Here are other reasons why Australians find Cyprus an ideal location:

Excellent rights.

Other nations make it hard for you to maintain rights over the child. Make sure that you keep full legal parenthood of your child by choosing egg donation in Cyprus.

Equal rights.

Donors do not have to worry about things like sacrificing their anonymity. You don’t need to worry about your child being able to hunt down the donor without consent. After successful donor insemination, the obligations from the egg donor end. All parties can move on gracefully.

Safe standards.

Despite being far less expensive than some of its European neighbours, standards in Cyprus are extremely high. It has an excellent climate, wonderful conditions for life and professional experts. It’s easy to see why Australians have egg donation in Cyprus.

Fantastic vacation spot.

Since a relaxed mind and body is needed for a successful IVF, Cyprus’ year-round sun and white sandy beaches is perfect. Couples come to have a vacation on the side while having their treatment done.

Dunya IVF in Cyprus

Once you are in Cyprus, make sure to choose the right clinic. Dunya IVF is hand-down one of the best, and here are the reasons why:

The Reception of DunyaIVF Fertility Centre
The Reception of DunyaIVF Fertility Centre

High-quality facilities.

Cyprus is a nation that takes pride in the elite standard of its health care facilities. It makes an exceptional country for egg donation. From whom you work with to how the process goes, Cyprus takes no risks.

Neither does Dunya IVF. Its two-story facility is newly-built with clean and modern interiors. See for yourself with this virtual tour.

It uses the latest in assisted reproductive technology (ART). The EmbryoScope+®️ is a high capacity time-lapse incubator that continuously monitors and records your embryo’s growth while reducing the disturbance and stress on your embryos. The RI Witness®️ is a fail-safe management system that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to detect and monitor all activity in the IVF laboratory.

High success rates.

Egg donation success rates are high at Dunya IVF in Cyprus. Its facilities help you overcome biological limitations that stop you from finding success.

No. 7 in Europe & No. 9 in the world

Based on official metrics from the Global Clinic Rating, Dunya IVF is ranked No. 7 in Europe and No. 9 in the world. They achieved this level of expertise even if they offer highly affordable IVF rates, nearly a fifth of US prices or a third of most European rates.

For Australians seeking the right mix, this is certainly the right one. Affordable, high standards and closer to home.  Contact Dunya IVF now for a FREE consultation.

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