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Gender Selection According to Chinese Calendar

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Scientifically, gender formation of a baby in the uterus is explained via female XX chromosome and male XY chromosome. At the time when the egg gets fertilized if the gender cell received from the sperm is X then when merged with the female chromosome X, baby will be XX hence a girl and in the case the gender cell received from the sperm is Y then the baby will be XY hence a boy.

During sexual intercourse many sperm reach the egg however only one of them secrets enzymes which melt the outer surface of the egg and enter the egg. Once a sperm is successful in entering the egg, egg’s outer surface shuts itself up and entry of other sperm is disabled. Single sperm and egg’s nucleus unites. Gender cell of this single sperm which has penetrated the egg is completely random. In other words, it is impossible to intervene with this when it happens via natural ways. However, if IVF treatment is utilized, with PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) method which is legal in Cyprus, gender selection can be carried out together with an examination of any hereditary diseases in the embryos.

A 700 years old calendar

Oldest gender selection method known in world history is gender selection according to Chinese calendar. Chinese have been using this calendar for 700 years which is currently used by millions throughout the world, which if used accurately can make accurate guesses in gender selection.  Baby’s gender is determined at the earliest during the 16th week if there is correct positioning in the uterus and for certain during the 20th week with ultrasound. During these weeks, clitoris of the fetus turns into a penis if the baby is a boy and it is visible. Women who don’t want to wait for this period or want to make a choice about their pregnancy; they use this calendar despite the fact that there is no scientific validity for it. While guessing the gender of a baby Chinese calendar also takes into account astrology. Its success rate is known to be around 60%.

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How it works

Using the Chinese calendar method is in fact very easy. You need two pieces of information for this; age of the mother and the month the pregnancy started. However, it is critical that the mother’s age is calculated according to the Chinese calendar year. As Gregorian calendar is not used in China this difference arises. Therefore first thing you need to do is finding out the starting Chinese year which corresponds to the year you were born. Working principle of this calendar is based on the age group of the female and the frequency of her sexual activity. A table is designed which includes mother-to-be’s age on the left-hand side and months on top. Age range is between 18 and 45. At the cross section of female’s age and date of start of pregnancy is the gender of the baby to be born.

Finally, we would like to state the fact that this calendar has no scientific validity for doctors even though the Chinese defend this method used for centuries.

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