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De Top IVF Klinieken in Europa voor 2021

De beste IVF-klinieken in Europa voor 2018

Vruchtbaarheidscijfer Europa – huidige status

Ik weet zeker dat je wilt weten welke klinieken de beste in Europa (of in de wereld) zijn, maar laten we eerst de huidige status van vruchtbaarheid in Europa begrijpen

Ondanks het espite being one of the most financially secure parts of the world, Europe has long been in a recession when it comes to birth rates.

The birth rate in Europe has been a gradually declining figure for many years, and it does mean that, for many Europeans, the choice to have a child is one that is often put off.

Infertility has been a long-term problem across the European continent, though,  a 2010 study by The ESHRE Capri Workshop Group, the Human Reproduction Update, found that

Europe was the continent with the lowest fertility rate of any.
Europe came last on the Total Fertility Rate index and shows yet another clear sign of proof that European fertility is a lasting problem.

Despite slight changes in 2014 for a more positive prognosis, there is still clear evidence that fertility in Europe needs to be improved. One of the best ways to handle infertility, for example, is to turn to In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

This has become among the most popular forms of fertility correction treatment today. It’s commonly used to help those to try and ensure that they can create embryos via the fertilization of the egg in a lab format.

For that reason, then, Europeans are turning to IVF treatment abroad en masse.

Why, though? What’s the positive reasoning for choosing to undertake IVF treatment in Europe?

Why Choose IVF Treatment in Europe?

Visual map of fertility departures especially in Europe

The higher cost of living in Europe mixed in with career requirements today means that many people don’t look to the idea of having children until they are in their 30s. Add in the extensive cost of health care and also the fact that modern science makes later parenthood possible, and it’s easy to see why so many put off the idea of having a child.

That being said, there is a downside to waiting for so long.

The longer we wait in life to have children, the more likely it is that we’ll eventually reach a stage of infertility.

When this happens, one option exists: an IVF Clinic.

To help combat infertility, couples can turn to proven IVF treatment to help them restore their chances of having children.
If you live in Europe, you might find that infertility treatment in your present country of residence is out of your reach.

If this is the case, then you can look to use the power of health tourism to find an IVF clinic in Europe to help you overcome the problem at hand.

The cost is often much lower in other nations, without any reduction in the quality of the treatment if you choose the right location.

Should you be interested in undergoing any form of IVF treatment, then you might wish to read on.

Given you have such a wide range of options, though, you may not be sure where to start.

If you would like to find out more about the top IVF clinics in Europe for 2018, then you can check out our listing below.
This will give you all the information that you need to determine if this clinic is a positive fit for your needs.

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The Best IVF Clinics in Europe Rated

Here, we cover some of the top IVF clinics in Europe for 2018 (plus best IVF clinics in the world for 2019-UPDATED Sept 2019), based on official metrics from GCR (Global Clinic Rating). With over 500 clinics in Europe to pick from, it’s important that you make the right choice.

As they state in this presentationthe average GCR fertility clinic quality score was 2.33, based on the 559 European fertility clinics. This fact points out the huge range of rising IVF standards available in Europe.

IVF Spain ranked #1 with a GCR Score of 4.56, and ranks #1 from 1,807 fertility clinics monitored worldwide, followed by the Sanatorium HELIOS (4.52) and the Embryolab (4.36). DunyaIVF achieved a quality score of 4.10 and ranked No #7 in Europe and No #9 in the World.

IVF Spain – Spain

Ivf Spain top fertility clinic

IVF Spain is the best fertility clinic in Spain. It’s become one of the most well-respected facilities in Europe and it has quickly become a common go-to choice due to its reputation for ethical treatment, high-value care, and empathetic staff who make IVF fertility treatment easier to enjoy.

With four labs on-site, they use the best modern technology and have done well to keep with the latest and greatest advances in the IVF industry. They even provide some nice after-treatment extras, including massage therapy and even acupuncture for a more comfortable atmosphere.

Update Sept 2019: It’s also ranked as the best fertility clinic in the World

Sanatorium HELIOS – Czech Republic

Sanatorium Helios IVF clinic

Sanatorium Helios is one of the best IVF clinics in the Czech Republic.

Their experience and history within the industry mean that many people choose to check out this IVF clinic when looking at Middle European options.

The range of options that you have to pick from should make it very easy for you to find the treatment that you need.
Staff onboard the HELIOS group are professional and give you access to the best quality facilities onsite.
Alongside this, treatment is very much affordable when compared to other nations in the nearby vicinity.

Update Sept 2019: It’s also ranked #3 clinic in the World

Embryolab – Greece

Embryolab Greece IVF Clinic

This Thessaloniki-based IVF clinic is among the most popular in Greece and has established a strong reputation both in Greece and beyond.

Fully certified, they make it very easy for you to make the most of the treatment and provide all manner of useful learning materials to help you stay informed of the latest changes and adjustments in the industry.

Embryolab is popular, too, for their wide range of professionals onboard. This makes it easy for you to feel comfortable, with every question answered and a staff who don’t mind answering even the most specific of questions about treatment.

Update Sept 2019: It’s also ranked #6 clinic in the World

Repromeda – Czech Republic

Repromeda fertility center

Repromeda is based in Biology Park, Brno and has long been one of the first places to turn for IVF treatment in Eastern Europe.

It has become a popular choice for their rich staff experience, with a team of professionals who you can trust running the group and make it increasingly easy for you to get treatment that you can trust.

With affordable services and staff who have qualms about helping you out with any questions you have, Repromeda is quite a popular starting destination for those may be unsure about the potential pros and cons of IVF treatment.

Update Sept 2019: It’s also ranked #8 clinic in the World

Dunya IVF – Cyprus

DunyaIVF one of the best IVF Clinics in the world

Dunya IVF is among the most commonly chosen clinics in Europe, with their Kyrenia facilities deemed to be among the most modern in the industry.

They provide various treatments, from embryo and egg donation to surrogacy and PGD. Alongside this, they are one of the best European IVF treatment clinics that provide Azoospermia treatment. As of September 2019, they provide EmbryoScope+ & RI Witness, two revolutionary services FREE (for a limited time) to all patients across all treatments.

DunyaIVF is also one of the most regularly selected clinics due to the experience that they have onboard. It always pays to get IVF explained in a terminology-free manner, and the practitioners here make it easy to fully understand every step of the process.

Update Sept 2019: It’s also ranked #9 clinic in the World

GENNET Prague – Czech Republic

Gennet Prague fertility clinic

GENNET is among the most experienced groups in the European IVF fertility industry, and provide access to everything from assisted reproduction to genetic counselling.

The serenity of the staff makes it easier to relax during what can often be a tense and fraught experience. With high-value services made very affordable, you should find that this offers one of the better value starting points, compared to other top IVF clinics.

All Your Questions About IVF Are Answered Right Here

Download a FREE copy of our new eBook IVF 101: A Complete Guide to Assisted Reproduction“. Everything from the history of IVF, to the various types of treatments, to the latest in assisted reproductive technology is detailed in this eBook

Nuffield Health – United Kingdom

Nuffield Health center in UK

This Woking, UK based IVF treatment clinic is one of the most commonly used in the United Kingdom.

While some may find it’s more expensive than treatments in Southern and Eastern Europe, the quality of treatment has been proven to be exceptional.

Conscientious staff work with you throughout the process, and the variety of services they provide make them one of the more flexible clinics around at the moment.

For this reason, they are a popular choice for anyone looking to find a British-based IVF treatment clinic, where all staff speaks perfectly fluent, easy to understand English.

Klinika Bocian – Poland

Klinika Bocian - top IVF clinic

With facilities in both Warsaw and Bialystok, this treatment venue has been shown to help make it easy for people coming to Poland to get reliable, safe and fair treatment.

Their treatment quality has been shown to be exceptional, and the number of bilingual staff that they have makes it easy for you to get a clear answer about what your treatment will require.

Staff are friendly, engaging and professional, which should make it easy for you to relax during treatment.
This is critical for ensuring that you can get the maximum benefit from any IVF treatment you undertake

Choosing one of the best IVF clinics in Europe for your treatment

With this in mind, you should find it much easier to deal with finding an IVF treatment clinic.
It’s not necessary to choose one of the top IVF clinics in Europe. There are dozens of excellent clinics out there.

While there is always a decision to be made, each of the above clinics is among the highest rated in the industry across the continent.

With each clinic noted for the best quality care that you can find in Europe, it all comes down to the convenience of travel and determining the cost relative to what you can afford.

Choosing the right IVF treatment clinic is very important.

Good luck, from all of us 😉

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