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Those who become mothers with egg donation

It is almost every woman’s dream to become a mother. Couples who have a happy relationship want to enhance their happiness with a baby. However, in our modern world, women are prioritizing their education and career. Women, who have focused on their education and career, can no longer suppress the feeling of motherhood and want to conceive once they have reached a certain stage in their careers. Unfortunately, in order to have a healthy pregnancy and conceive a healthy baby, the age of the woman is critical. With age, egg reserves diminish and become depleted. Chances of fertilization go down, as any other cell egg cells age over time. Even if pregnancy is achieved, likelihood of miscarriage and chromosome anomalies (e.g. Down syndrome) increase and the chances of healthy pregnancy go down.

Additionally, general health condition can prevent pregnancies. Problems in egg cells and the uterus of the mother-to-bes reduce the chances of conception. In such cases, couples have two options; adoption or egg donation. 

In adoption, even though the adopted child is a baby, as the mother-to-be does not go through pregnancy and the fact that the baby does not carry her own genetic characteristics, she can have a difficult time in accepting the baby. However, in the case of egg donation, as the egg donor’s egg cells are fertilized with her partner’s sperm, she can conceive a baby carrying her partner’s genetic characteristics. Furthermore, as she goes through pregnancy and birth where she feeds the embryo with her own blood and with her own milk upon birth, the baby becomes part of her.

It is claimed that in Hollywood egg donation is very widespread. Famous women focus on their careers in music, cinema, and theatre during their youth and prefer to become mothers in their later years. However, even though physically they can look younger with the help of cosmetic and plastic surgery, their egg cells age as any other woman. Therefore, specialists believe that many famous women choose this method to become mothers.   

In Turkey, there are many women who choose this method. Memnune Tiryaki, the oldest mother, is one of these women. Undergoing infertility treatment for years and looking to conceive for 35 years, Memnune Tiryaki last 20 kilos upon her doctor’s recommendation and became pregnant at a clinic in Cyprus and conceived his son Yusuf nine months later. Even though, ethical aspects of this treatment are being discussed, Tirkayi said in an interview “no one should talk about my age, no one should calculate my age, what is important to me is becoming a mother.”

Another Turkish woman Türkan Katıçelik living in Germany became a mother at the age of 64 with this method and was one of the most widely spoken topics in German media with ethical discussions following.  In her interview with Elele, she explained she was 33 when she got married as had prioritized her education and career and when she learned she had entered menopause when she was 36 she was devastated. With the recommendation of a friend, she researched about egg donation in Cyprus and visited a clinic in Crete. Her first attempt was unsuccessful. For her second attempt, she visited an IVF clinic in Cyprus where egg donation was available. On her return to İstanbul upon her embryo transfer, when she learned she was pregnant with the test conducted 12 days later, she said it was an unparalleled happiness.

Even though there are ethical discussions around it and it is not legal in Turkey, the number of pregnancies through this method is increasing day by day. One common saying by all women conceiving with this method is how wonderful a feeling it is to become a mother and that it is worth everything.

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