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Sperm Donation For Single Women

What is Sperm Donation?
Sperm donation is a provision of donor sperm to the women in order of insemination or aimed to create viable embryos throw IVF with female eggs and transfer them back to the female uterus.
With the help of Sperm donation single women and same sex female couples can also go throw IVF treatment. 
Donors Sperm can either be prepared for in intrauterine insemination (IUI) or assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF and ICSI.
When Sperm Donation was first used?
The history of Artificial insemination goes back to 1779.  The first laboratory experiments were held by Italian priest and physiologist named Lazaro Spallanzani.
However Sperm Donation was first used in 1884 at the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, USA. IT was claimed that it was the first human donor sperm insemination. 
Why single women choose Sperm Donation?
Sperm donation is something that single women can do In order to fulfill their life with a baby and make a family regardless the absence of a life partner. 
Nowadays there a lot of single women who are desperate to make a family. 
Likely with the help of Sperm donation they can become mothers and enjoy all steps of pregnancy.
Sperm Donation procedure
Women is going throw hormone stimulation in order to increase egg production:
That step is very important as the women should be disciplined and follow very accurately the IVF protocol.
Collected eggs are fertilized with Donors Sperm :
When follicles achieved the appropriate size, egg retrieval is done. Collected eggs are injected with a single Sperm (ICSI).
Viable embryos are transferred back to the uterus
Fertilized embryos are placed in laboratory environment for 3 or 5 days. Based on the quality of the embryos and Infertility Doctor Decision the embryos are either transferred on day 3 or day 5 of their development. 


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