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Sperm Donation Process

Sperm donation is advised to couples unable to achieve a pregnancy due to the incapacity of the male partner to produce spermatozoa. Sperm donation is also increasingly being used to assist single women to have children.
Determination of the Sperm that Will Be Used in the Sperm Donation Program
The determination of the choice of the sperm is made by considering the compatibility between the sperm donor’s blood type and physical characteristics.
When the oocyte collection phase from the female is launch, the donated sperm is thawed to prepare the sperm and the oocyte for the microinjection phase. After fertilization, the embryo transfer phase is launched.
Sperm Donation Success Rate
Success in the sperm donation made with the donated sperm is related to the age, ovary reserve of the female and her response to the treatment. Most of the time, as in the microinjection applications, multiple pregnancy may be encountered.
If you use donated sperm from a licensed clinic, you can be reassured that the donor Will NOT:
be the legal parent of your child
have any legal obligation to the child
be named on the birth certificate
have any rights over how the child will be brought up
be required to support the child financially
These are the main reasons why a single person or a couple may need to use donor sperm:
Poor-quality sperm: men with poor-quality sperm or suffering from any genetic disorder likely to be inherited by his offspring are recommended to use donor sperm. Azoospermia, Oligospermia, and asthenospermia are some of the most common conditions why men may have trouble conceiving.
In spite of this, most advanced in vitro fertilization procedures such as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) allow the achievement of pregnancy despite having poor-quality sperm. Usually, couples resort to donor sperm due to genetic disorders.
Genetic disorder: when a man is a carrier of a contagious disease, he can undergo an IVF cycle using donor sperm to prevent his offspring from inheriting it.
Absence of a male partner: when there is no male partner, for example single women. The donor is required to undergo not only a series of psychological assessments but also medical examinations and a thorough semen analysis in order to validate that the semen sample of the donor sperm can indeed be used.

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