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Sex Selection

Sex selection in IVF is a process which is done in order to predict the gender of a baby. 
Can we choose the sex of our child?
Yes, nowadays it is possible to choose the sex of your child with the help of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) technique. From the science prospective, each couple has 50-50% chance to conceive a girl or a boy. However with the help of PGD technique, the chance goes up due to the reason that the gender of a baby is determined outside of the woman’s body, in a laboratory environment which has 99,99% accuracy. 
What is Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis Technique?
Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis which is also known as PGD, was first practiced in 1967 by Robert Edwards and Richar Gardner.  In the very beginning sex determination was used to identify X-linked diseases. Nowadays couples can go through PGD either to prevent X or Y linked genetic anomalies or to balance their family.
Gender Selection for Medical Reasons
Gender linked genetic abnormalities are conditions that appear in case of defective X or Y chromosome gene presence. For example, one of the most common genetic chromosome disorders appears in case of complete X chromosome absence, which is known as Turner Syndrome.  PGD not only identifies the gender of a baby, but also helps to define chromosomal abnormalities in all 24 chromosomes, which can lead to a serious genetic disorder or a miscarriage.  
Medical Preparation for Sex Selection
Prior to the actual gender selection procedure, a woman candidate has to go through a medical preparation. Medical preparation must be done in order to achieve highest possible amount of eggs which will result in numerous embryos. Medical protocol consists of hormone injections which help to increase the amount and quality of follicles and prepare the uterus for pregnancy. Basicly, the list of hormone injections includes: Gonal-F, Merionel, Cetrotide and Ovitrelle (used for the release of the eggs from ovaries).  
The Cost of Sex Selection
The price of sex selection can vary according to the destination. Among the countries with the most competitive prices people can point out North Cyprus. Price can vary according to the prestige of a clinic and the used quality technique in a laboratory. 

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