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Reasons for Infertility in Men

Infertility in men can be experienced due to many reasons. Few numbers of sperm cells, low quality sperm, immotile sperm, structural anomalies in sperm and many others. Furthermore, sperm tubes may be blocked. Due to these problems, pregnancy cannot be achieved. However nowadays, with the advances in treatment methods these problems can be solved and pregnancies can be achieved. Causes of infertility can be explained by injuries, damage due to accidents, chronic diseases and other unexplained reasons. All of these problems can be solved in most cases. Most dominant features of infertility are:

·         Damages, deficiencies in sexual functions

·         Non-conception

·         Falling/reduction of body hair

·         Pain in the testicles

Infertility Types in Men

Infertility in men can arise due to many different reasons. Major reasons for men infertility are; hormonal diseases, genetic diseases, abnormalities during birth, infectious diseases and chemicals. Furthermore, certain surgeries can result in infertility. Over use of alcohol and smoking reduces sperm production in men. This is a result proved by research. Additionally, performance enhancing drugs used for body building can cause infertility and prevent conception. This condition causes production impairment. These medicines should be avoided.  

Infertility and Blocked Tubes in Men

With elapse of time swelling can form in the body. These swellings can block the tubes. Sperm channels can be directly affected due to this blockage. This is perceived negatively. Upon certain birth control methods, tubes are tied and blockage can be observed. This birth control method is called vasectomy. Infectious diseases can cause tube blockage in infertility. These infections are sexually transmitted infections. If tube blockage is experienced, surgery is performed. By this way, blockage is removed and infertile father to-be can conceive. Successful results can be obtained naturally.

Symptoms of Infertility and Seeing a Doctor

In cases where couples experience symptoms of infertility or cannot conceive naturally, both the female and male partner should see a doctor. However, if relevant symptoms are experienced, primarily the male partner should see a doctor and start a treatment plan. Once a doctor is visited certain hormone and sperm tests are done. Depending on the results, the treatment plan is chosen and applied. Treatment methods for infertility have different phases. Based on test results, first, easier treatments are tried. Once the reasons are identified, treatment plan is shaped. As the causes of infertility are cured, treatments which will allow for conception are commenced. First, medicine and relevant treatment for natural pregnancies is attempted. Micro-surgery and endoscopy is used if needed. However, primary goal is to assist natural conception. If this does not happen then additional treatments are pursued to obtain results. Simplest method used in couples with male infertility is insemination. Successful results are obtained by this method. For others, micro-injection is the ideal method. 

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