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Progesterone and Estradiol levels in IVF treatment

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the most effective method against all types of infertility diagnosis.

First successful IVF cycle took place in 1978 in England.

Why estradiol level is important in IVF treatment?

Estradiol or estrogen is a hormone that is produced by ovaries and later on by placenta.

 Estradiol hormone is essential for any pregnancy, without the estradiol hormone pregnancy can’t proceed.

Estradiol hormone helps to grow and maintain the endometrium thickness (uterine linen), where the transferred embryo will be developing into a baby.

Estraodiol level in IVF cycles must be in acceptable level range. Estraodiol as well helps the medical team to determine the most appropriate mediation doze.

It is very important to realize that follicle will not grow and develop normally in case the Estradiol level is not right.

Which role progesterone hormone level plays in early pregnancy?

 Progesterone is also famous as pro-gestational hormone. Progesterone level is responsible for proper placenta functioning, for healthy uterine condition and thick endometrium linen.

Progesterone appears naturally in a women’s body during early pregnancy. It is made by an ovary cyst, called the corpus luteum, 10 weeks later progesterone will be produced by placenta.

As the eggs are retrieved from the body and embryos fertilized in laboratory environment outside the body all patients who go throw IVF treatment have to use progesterone supporters on the same day of Egg retrieval.

Progesterone and estradiol supporter’s drugs in IVF

Progesterone and estradiol IVF drugs are important are given in order to thicken the endometrium thickness. Endometrium thickness should reach at least 7 mm prior to the actual embryo transfer.

Higher levels of Estradiol correlate with thicker uterine lining.

The progesterone and estradiol supporters should be used during first 12 weeks after the embryo transfer in case of successful pregnancy. In case women would cease the medications after her embryo transfer the fetus might stop developing and miscarriage might occur.

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