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Pregnancies with Sperm Donation

Sperm donation should be preferred in cases where pregnancies cannot be achieved with male partner’s own sperm or in cases where there are genetic or hereditary health risks. Couples looking to conceive can start their treatment by choosing a sperm bank. This method is not only used in couples who have health problems but in cases of single mothers-to-be. Similar to an IVF treatment, likelihood of becoming pregnant through sperm donation is dependent on mother-to-be’s age, egg reserves and quality of forming embryos. This treatment method has been hope for many couples.    

Who can become pregnant with sperm donation?

Either due to health problems or personal preferences, mother-to-be can choose to become pregnant with sperm donation. In the case where father-to-be does not possess enough sperm or if there is a problem with the male partner during IVF treatment, sperm donation can be used. Similarly, if there is inherently no sperm production or the male partner is undergoing chemotherapy, sperm donation can be used. Furthermore, in order to prevent any potential damage resulting due to marriages with relatives, this treatment method can be chosen. If the male partner has genes which can cause damage in the embryo, without risking the health of the baby, sperm donation can be used. Sperm donation has given pleasant results for mother and father to-bes who have faced such health problems.

Sperm Donor Selection during Treatment

It is critical to have the necessary tests done during this process. Sperm donor needs to be healthy and his sperm should be fertile. Couple, who will receive this treatment, should prefer donors with the same blood type and similar physical features. This must be planned before the treatment starts. Sperm donors’ health condition is very important. They should pass the relevant health checks. Donors should not carry any infection or genetic disorders. Treatments where dependability and health condition of donors are closely screened have much reduced likelihood of running into problems in the future.

Sperm Donation and Treatment Process in Cyprus

During the period in which treatment will be started, a pre-treatment is conducted. Once tests required are done locally, there is a monitoring period. Some patients can prefer to have the treatment conducted locally. However, for patients who want to continue their treatment in Cyprus, once the necessary tests and check-ups are done locally, their travel to Cyprus is organized. Treatment in Cyprus lasts 5-7 days depending on personal preferences.

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