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PGD Method

PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) is the process which gives genetic profiling information about embryos prior to implantation. With the help of PGD, genetic defects within embryos can be identified. This genetic profiling shows which embryos have chromosomal abnormalities that can cause child to have genetic disorder.
First a couple must go through IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatment and mother candidate must use some hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries. After the follicles become the ideal size, with the help of OPU (oocyte pick-up) operation, eggs are collected from mother candidate and on the same day sperm is taken from the father candidate. 
By microinjection (ICSI) method, collected eggs and sperm are fertilized in laboratory environment and embryos are created. Development of the embryos are observed for 3 days and on the 3rd day of the embryos, biopsy is taken from each embryo for PGD. 
According to the result of this genetic analysis, embryos which are healthy, quality and have no chromosomal abnormalities are transferred back to the uterus of the mother candidate.
Who can benefit from PGD?
Couples who have a risk for genetic disorders related with the chromosomal abnormalities can benefit from PGD. For example, if a couple carry of sex-linked genetic disorders, or a single gene disorders, or chromosomal disorders PGD is the best solution for preventing these to pass on a child.
Also, if women experienced recurring pregnancy loss, PGD can be performed because 50-60% of the recurring pregnancy loss are because of chromosomal abnormalities. Finally, doctors recommend PGD for women age 35 and over because after the age of 35 women have higher risk of chromosomal abnormalities.
PGD and Gender Selection
Knowing the gender of your baby before pregnancy is possible with the help of PGD technology. Genetic analysis allow us to check all chromosomes of the embryo. According to that, it is possible to see if that embryo has XX (woman) or XY (man) chromosome. 
In conclusion, with the help of PGD, a couple can have a baby without any health situation and can also select their child’s gender before the pregnancy.


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