How to conceive a boy

How to Conceive a Boy?

Some parents dream about girls, and imagine dolls and beautiful dresses. While others are really desperate about a baby boy, and imagine cars, footballs and fishing rods.
It is well known that men genotype consist of X and Y chromosome, when in the meantime women is carrying just X chromosome. Therefore the egg fertilized by the Sperm, which contains Y chromosome, will guarantee a conception of a Boy.
A few years ago a couple would just have to try to conceive and hope for the desired baby gender. Likely, nowadays it is possible to conceive a boy with the help of genetic testing which is 99.99 % accurate. Sex selection is more commonly used and accurate technique most couples use in order to conceive a boy.  In this technique the embryos are checked for X and Y chromosome before embryo is transferred, which allows planning the desired baby gender.
Every year sex selection is becoming more and more popular, especially in some countries where baby girls are not as desired as boys or due to some other reasons such as balancing a family, personal or medical reasons.
The preparation for sex selection is similar to normal IVF, where women will be going through hormone stimulation in order to produce as many eggs as possible. Eventually those eggs will be collected and fertilized with partner’s sperm in order to get viable mature embryos for genetic testing.  The biopsy for genetic testing will be taken after 3 days of fertilization. Based on results only good quality embryos, containing Y chromosome will be transferred in order to conceive a boy. 
In conclusion Sex Selection is a good solution for many parents who hope to conceive a boy due to different reasons, such as balancing the family, medical or personal reasons. 

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