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Gender Selection Methods

With the help of IVF treatment, couples can determine the gender of their babies, before embryo transfer operation.
It was aimed to learn and know the gender of the baby before birth and before the ultrasonography examination. There are lots of methods that people were using to know the gender of their babies. These methods are not scientifically true. That’s why, the best result was with USG examination.
Today, with the help of PGD process of IVF, it is possible to know the gender of embryos right before the transfer. This technique allows people to select the gender of their babies, so after the results of PGD, embryos with the desirable gender are transferred back to the uterus of the mother candidate.
Example to those methods which do not have any scientific truth:
Wedding Ring Test: 
This method is done with the help of a ring. First mother candidate must lay down on her back, and this ring must be attached to a thread. Dangle the thread over the mother candidate’s belly, allow string to move without interfering. If the ring moves in a back and forth motion, the test indicates that the baby is a boy, or if it moves in right-left motion, the test shows that baby is a girl.
Chinese Calendar:
According to the Chinese calendar, it is possible to select the gender of the baby according to dates and months.
Russian Calendar:
According to the Russian calendar method, the birth date of the mother, birth date of the father and the last period date of the mother must be calculated.
Heartbeat Test:
Long time ago it was believed that if the heart beats of the mother was higher than 140 in a min, it shows that the baby is a girl. If it is lower than 140, it was believe that baby’s gender is a boy.
Sweet-Salty Test:
If the mother candidate wants to eat salty things during pregnancy, it was believed that the gender of the baby is boy. If she wants to eat sweet food, it was believed that baby’s gender is girl.
It is possible to find lots of information about those methods but they are not scientifically true. 
If you want to select the gender of your baby before pregnancy, you must proceed with IVF and have PGD process which has 99.99% accuracy.
Lots of mothers-fathers are coming to Northern Cyprus to determine the gender of their babies.

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