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Gender Selection in IVF Treatment

With new technologies you can choose the gender of your unborn baby. In recent times, couples utilising the current IVF treatments and gender selection technology available in North Cyprus has been steadily rising.
Foreign couples can now visit North Cyprus and select the gender of their yearned-for baby before birth.
Individuals who are interested in IVF treatment in conjunction with the gender selection option can refer to the required procedure:
The mother will forgo a near identical IVF treatment process in regards to procedure length. During the process, reproductive enhancing medication will be used to facilitate the development of the nominated mothers eggs/ovum as well as uterus to reach an optimum state.
Once the eggs/ovum reach an optimum reproductive state in development they are harvested in which then the selected eggs/ovum are fertilised by father’s collected sperm in a clinical setting (laboratory).
All embryo biopsys are then taken place in a laboratory setting. The available biopsy embryos and then genetically analysed to determine how many are female (XX) and how many are male (XY) which are then to be presented to the couple for gender selection.
The final stage in the IVF treatment consists of transferring the highest quality embryo with the desired gender back to the mother’s womb, which completes the IVF process and gender selection.
Individuals who opt for IVF treatment must take into account that the age and health directly impact the success of the treatment. As the age of the patient increases, the quality and quantity of the eggs/ovum deteriorate.
IVF treatment and gender selection procedures depend heavily on the quality and quantity of the eggs/ovum produced by the nominated mother as well as the quality of the sperm. The number of embryos plays a major role in the gender selection process, as the higher amount of quality embryos available directly contributes to the higher chance of selecting a healthy embryo of the desired gender.
The top reasons couples choose to take IVF treatment in North Cyprus is that gender selection is legal, cost-effective and is performed with high success rates.

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