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With the advances in technology, IVF has become a very popular method of conceiving. Couples who cannot conceive naturally prefer IVF. With the help of technology, it is possible to conceive with higher certainty in a healthy way.  Similarly, you can choose the gender of your baby if you are undergoing IVF treatment. For gender selection, you need to be undergoing an IVF treatment. You can choose this treatment type and start your treatment in Cyprus where only a short stay is required. In this way, families can have planned and lovable babies. 
What is Gender Selection in IVF Treatment?
Gender selection in IVF is conducted by taking a sample of cells from the embryos formed determining whether the embryo is a girl or a boy. First of all, couples should start the treatment when it is right for them. In IVF, medical treatment is started on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstrual cycle of the mother-to-be depending on her cycle. This phase is called pre-treatment phase. Pre-treatment phase lasts approximately 10 days. During this period, doctor checks and monitoring takes place. In IVF treatment with gender selection, once the eggs of the mother-to-be reach certain desirable size, an injection which raptures the eggs is done and the mother-to-be gets ready to travel to Cyprus for the rest of the treatment. 
A Girl or A Boy with your choice
If the treatment period is conducted properly, gender selection has a success rate with a certainty of 99.9%. Gender selection of the embryo before being transferred to the uterus is possible with the latest technology. If the embryo which has XX chromosomes is transferred to the uterus then a baby girl is received. If the embryo possesses XY chromosomes, then a baby boy is received. Success of IVF treatment depends on the age and egg reserves of the mother to-be. If the mother-to-be is not ready, embryo transferred may not hold onto the uterus. However, if gender selection treatment is carried out, the gender is known for sure. 
Travelling to Cyprus during IVF Treatment
Many couples nowadays are also interested in gender of babies during IVF treatment. For this treatment type, you need to travel to Cyprus and stay for a week to go through the treatment. One of the major reasons for preferring Cyprus for this treatment type is the legality of this treatment in Cyprus. In comparison to other countries where this treatment is legal, price of the treatment is also reasonable. Based on experience and expertise in this area, Cyprus has very good success rates. Both technological and modern treatment is facilitated. Hence, it is highly recommended by experts to travel to Cyprus during the treatment period.  


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