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Gender Selection Calendars

Many couples worldwide want to increase the probability of a particular gender they want. Some couples have even had four or five sons or daughters, when all they wanted was a child of the opposite gender. This will give the opportunity to have a chose of either a son or daughter of their dreams. 
While some gender selection methods claim to be highly successful, they often disregard other methods, claiming their own to be more accurate. 
Here is the number of natural gender selection methods that couples interested to do but it should be underlined that except the pre genetic analysis their accuracy and reliability is low. 
The Shettles Method:  Since the 1960s, Dr. Shettles has recommended gender selection methods which he claims are upheld by scientific evidence. The Shettles method has two distinct advantages: the methods cost nothing and you do not require any medical treatments to conceive.  Men produce two types of sperm — X being female and Y being male. This will determine the sex of your baby.  Shettles theory is based on timing intercourse with ovulation. If the parents want a boy, they are to try for a baby as close to the female’s ovulation as possible. If they want a girl, they need to try 3 or 4 days before ovulation.
O+12 Method:  This method is basically flipping the script of the Shettles Method. This method was developed not by a researcher or a doctor. This method developed by a mother of six sons who desired to have a girl. In 1984 there was a study conducted in New Zealand Study test the Shettles Method. That study found that most conceptions occurring 3-5 days before ovulation were actually boys not girls, as the Shettles Method advised. The mother of the six sons noticed that the only day where more girls than boys were conceived was the day after ovulation.
Diet and Other Options: Other recommendations for natural gender selection include eating a diet rich in potassium if you want to conceive a son. That means lots of meats, celery, bananas and apricots. For a girl, opt for a magnesium-infused diet with plenty of nuts and leafy green veggies.
Ericson Method:  Gender selection was patented in the 1970s by Ronald Ericsson, This gender selection technique is based on the idea that Y-bearing (boy-producing) sperm are lighter and swim faster than the X-bearing (female-producing) sperm. The Ericsson Method sets out to separate the lighter, faster-swimming boy-producing sperm from the heavier, slower girl-producing sperm.
Nowadays, people prefer IVF treatments to determine the gender of their baby because it has 99.9% accuracy. PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) allows to know the gender of the baby before pregnancy.


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