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Gender Prediction Calendar

When pregnancy symptoms are experienced, the fetus must have started its development. Mother-to-be should pay attention during this period and should take utmost care in her physical activity and diet. During this time, baby’s health is affected by external factors considerably. It is also possible to predict the gender of the baby through an ancient method.

First of all, the most efficient method of predicting a baby’s gender is the ultrasound. This method which has been used since 1950s is the most appropriate method of determining a baby’s gender and his/her health condition. However, in order to use the ultrasound, the baby should complete certain phase of its development. There is also some calendar based methods used in determining the gender of fetuses. 

There are two principal ways of determining the gender of a fetus using a calendar calculation. These are the calculations known as the Russian and Chinese calendar. Main aim of these methods is analysing the development of the fetus over a 9 month period once it is in the womb and determine the gender of the baby. Even though these calendars do not deliver definite results, they produce results which are very close to ultrasound results.   

The oldest method used in gender prediction is the Chinese calendar. This calendar which has been being used in China for 700 years is known to deliver correct results with a probability of 98%. It is rather easy to do a gender calculation. The only necessary information is the age of the mother to be and the month in which she has become pregnant.

With the Chinese calendar when the gender is predicted, intersection of the age of the mother to be and the month in which the pregnancy started is taken. For example if a 22 year old woman becomes pregnant in April she will conceive a baby girl. It is widely known that the Chinese calendar is a method based on ancient astrological calculations. It is possible to predict a baby’s gender before entering the ultrasound process. This method gives accurate results in most cases.  

Another method used in gender prediction is the Russian calendar. This method deviates from the Chinese calendar in some aspects. The Russian calendar is being used since the 15th century and it is widely known that it produces accurate results as the Chinese calendar and ultrasound results confirm the calendar calculations in most cases.

In the Russian calendar method, unlike the Chinese calendar method, the calculation is done both based on the woman and the man. Gender prediction is made based on the birth dates of the mother and father-to-be and the mother-to-be’s last period. While the gender prediction calculation is simpler in the Chinese calendar, there is a more sophisticated calculation in the Russian calendar calculation. It is also known as a method based on blood renewal cycles.

It is important to note that both the Chinese and the Russian calendar methods are not scientific methods. Even though these methods deliver correct results in most cases, they are not accurate. However, both methods have been used for hundred years. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that these methods are based on correct calculations to a great degree.

Today’s scientific and technological developments were not available hundred years back.  Therefore, humans were studying the movement of stars and human body’s evolution closely. It is a widely known fact that there is a strong connection between star movements and human body. Chinese calendar is a discipline which is mainly based on astronomic and astrological calculations. Even though, in today’s world it is not a scientific discipline, we can say that it is based on correct methods.

The Russian calendar is a method based on both astronomic calculations and blood renewal. Baby’s gender is predicted based on fetus’ development and the periodic changes in human body. Both of these methods have been used for a long time and give correct results in most cases. However, keeping scientific methods as primary source of prediction is recommended. 



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