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Gender Determination

Couples who wish to find out the gender of their baby before birth are required to undergo IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatment as it enables them to predict the gender of their baby with 99.99% accuracy. 
Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is the only accurate method for gender selection.
Is it possible to predict the gender of a baby? 
Nowadays, people believe in many unprofessional methods for gender determination. Among those inaccurate methods one can distinguish Chinese Lunar Calendar method, Microsort Sperm Sorting Technique, The Shettles Method, different diets (for ex: Alkaline Diet).
The one and only secure technique for baby gender selection nowadays with high success rates is PGD treatment. A couple willing to undergo that treatment has to go through IVF process where the baby will be conceived outside of the woman’s body, in a laboratory environment.
The Procedure for Gender Selection:
  1. Eggs are retrieved from the mother with the help of OPU (Oocyte Pick-up) operation and sperm is received from the father.
  2. Eggs are fertilized with the sperm with the help of micro-injection (ICSI) technique, which leads to the embryos’ creation.
  3. Embryos’ development is observed during 3 days under the control of an experienced embryologist.
  4. Each embryo is biopsied and genetic analysis is performed in order to check the embryos for either XX chromosome (female) or XY chromosome (male).
  5. Healthy embryos of the desired gender are transferred on day 5 to the uterus of the mother.
What PGD Candidates Have to Consider?
To begin with, a potential IVF patients willing to undergo gender selection process must be aware of their fertility condition. The first important step in woman fertility assessment is the check-up of her hormones such as; AMH, FSH, LH, Prolactine and Thyroid Hormones, together with antral follicle count. Another important factor to be considered prior to the gender determination process is obviously the uterus condition of the candidate. In order to assess the fertility of the father candidate, spermiogram test is required. 
Gender Determination in Dunya IVF Clinic:
Dunya IVF Clinic is one of the most prestigious infertility centers in Northern Cyprus. Dunya IVF Clinic offers couples to determine the gender of a baby with the help of PGD together with other advanced genetic diagnosis such as CGH Array 24 which enables to check all of the embryo chromosome anomalies. With the high-tech laboratory equipment and professional staff, couples achieve high pregnancy success rates.

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