IVF Cyprus

Cyprus IVF

Until several years ago Cyprus was not exactly on the IVF map.  However recently, the situation has significantly changed and Cyprus became a really popular destination for IVF treatments.
IVF in Cyprus has been developing very fast in the recent years which lead to the increase in medical tourism. Obviously due to that reason different patients from all around the world can have an opportunity to realise their dream to become a parent and combine it with a relaxing holiday.
While speaking about Cyprus IVF advantages we must mention such as legislation system which allows all types of donations, gender selection and embryo cryo which are not available in a lot of European and Asian countries. For example in Turkey donation programmes along with gender selection are not allowed, what leaves a lot of Turkish infertile couples no hope to become a parent in their country and that’s why they prefer to come to Cyprus for donation programmes and gender selection.
A lot of patients from abroad choose Cyprus for IVF treatments for high success rates, which of course can differ from clinic to clinic and the anonymity of the process. So couples must pay attention to the clinic’s success rate, their experiences in IVF treatments and their laboratory equipment. 
Finally our clinic Dunya IVF is having high ratings among Cyprus IVF clinics and has very professional and courteous IVF methods and techniques, which are constantly updated to achieve the highest possible outcome. Dunya IVF Clinic is one of the most prestigious IVF clinics in Cyprus with high success rates and affordable prices.

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