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Cyprus Gender Determination

What is IVF?
If a couple have an infertility problem and can’t get pregnant with natural ways, they choose to proceed with IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatment. IVF is the best solution for couples who want a baby but can’t have because of some reasons. The definition of infertility is inability to get pregnant after having unprotected vaginal intercourse over a year. This can be a problem for men or/and women. 
IVF and Gender Determination
If a couple wants to select and determine their child’s gender before pregnancy, it is possible to do with IVF treatment. After the fertilization of the eggs from mother candidate with the sperm of father candidate, development of embryos is observed for 3 days. On the 3rd day of embryos with the help of biopsy it is possible to check the gender of the embryos. According to the results of genetic analysis, the desired and quality embryos are transferred back to the uterus of the mother candidate. 
Gender Determination in Cyprus
Now a day, Northern Cyprus is known with the high success rates in IVF treatments. With the help of high technology and an experienced IVF doctor, it is possible to achieve pregnancy. There are lots of IVF treatment options which help couples to have a baby. Gender selection process is legally done in Northern Cyprus. That’s why, couples all around the world choose Northern Cyprus to select their child’s gender before pregnancy. 
The Cost of Gender Determination
Gender determination process is done with the help of IVF. The price of this genetic analysis and gender selection can change due to technology used in this process. It is really important to use high technology equipment to achieve better results. For that reason, gender determination with IVF treatment cost is higher than just normal IVF treatment.

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