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Causes and Treatment of Azoospermia and Forums

What is azoospermia?

Azoospermia is a disappointing condition for couples who are looking to conceive. Men with azoopermia have no sperm in the semen. However, with the research and experiments carried out, this condition is no longer a nightmare. With the use of different techniques, azoospermia can be cured and couples can conceive. Even though the success rate is not 100%, results are very satisfactory.

In order to diagnose azoospermia, at least two sets of semen should be analysed. Semen is observed under a microscope. Doctors diagnose azoospermia based on criteria set out by the World Health Organization. Most of the time, in men who have azoospermia, sperm tubes are open. However, mature sperm production does not take place in the testicles. There may be various reasons for non-production of mature sperm. We can name a few, such as imperfection in the inner layer of the testicles or deficiency in the hormone in charge of sperm secretion in the pituitary gland.  It is important to diagnose the cause during the treatment period.

In order to stimulate sperm production, physical examination is conducted on men with azoospermia. Additionally, certain laboratory tests are done. Existence of tubes which carry sperm must be checked. As development of these tubes is directly linked to the kidneys, kidneys should also be checked. In many cystic fibrosis patients, azoospermia condition can be experienced. In these cases, it is easier to obtain sperm from men.

If testicles are smaller than normal, this may cause non-production of sperm. If testicles are observed to be small then hormones should also be checked. Alongside hormones, genetic structure should also be checked as this condition may arise due to imperfections in the chromosomes.

Azoospermia is a condition which can be cured with various treatment methods even if not in all cases. Many couples cannot conceive due to azoospermia. It is crucial that couples support each other in such cases. Better results are obtained in treatments where couples have positive psychology. Women who have partners with azoospermia talk about their experience on the fertility friends forums. You can find out about other women’s experience in such cases and obtain information on how you should communicate with your partner if he is going through this condition.  Furthermore, women who share about their own experiences will have doctor recommendations which can assist you in expediting the cure for the condition.

Treatment of azoospermi is the next phase upon diagnosis. If there is a sperm production problem in the inner layer of the testicle then with the help of a method called micro TESE, sperm producing tubes are determined. Main sperm cells are collected from the tubes. Upon examination of the sample collected, mature sperm are tracked. If no sperm is found upon examination then sperm production through stem cell technique can be attempted.  As there have been significant advances in stem cell therapies, sperm produced by this technique has markedly increased curability of infertility. The most important point is to keep positive during the treatment period.

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