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Baby Gender Prediction

The topic of baby gender prediction has become very popular nowadays as the amount of couples, who are concerned about sex selection, tremendously increased. One of the reasons why so many couples wish to predict a baby gender can be the opportunity to avoid sex-linked genetic disorders. From the other hand, baby gender prediction can be attractive to parents who have same sex children and wish to balance their family with the child of the other sex.
Nowadays with the help of IVF it became technically possible to predict a baby gender prior to actual pregnancy. An infertility treatment for baby gender prediction is also known as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). This reproduction technique success rates for baby gender prediction are very high since the results of genetic test are 99.99 % accurate.
In case the couple has decided for sex selection with the help of IVF they need to meet some fertility requirements and carry out some necessary tests in order to assess their fertility and realize their chances for gender selection procedure. Once the couple doesn’t have any fertility issues and they wish to proceed, the treatment plan is done with the aim to increase the egg production in order to get as many viable embryos as possible for the sex selection.
In pre-treatment phase the women will undergo hormone stimulation and then all retrieved eggs will be fertilized with the partner’s sperm. Going further, the embryo development will be monitored in a lab by experienced embryologist and on day 3 of embryo existence a number of cells will be extracted from each embryo and tested for X and Y chromosomes in order to determine which embryos are male and which are female. Finally the most quality embryos of desired gender will be implanted to the womb and the excess embryos of desired gender can be frozen for future use.
Another key thing to remember, that IVF with sex selection has also some risks and couples must be aware that;
- It can occur that after egg fertilization and genetic testing there will be no quality embryos of desired gender suitable for transfer.
- Some embryos can be damaged after genetic testing process.
In addition, all couples considering baby gender prediction need to make a very important decision while choosing a fertility clinic, provided that they bear in mind all the possible risks that may occur and they still proceed with PGD since they believe in quality of medical service the chosen clinic can provide.
In a conclusion, with the help of IVF technology it became possible to predict the baby gender almost with 100 % accuracy, which gives a lot of hope for couples who wish to determine the sex of baby and conceive a child with a desired gender. 

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